All I'm missing is Cupid's bow and arrows.

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All I'm missing is Cupid's bow and arrows.

Post by Wanda on Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:37 pm

France sighed to himself and rubbed his forehead, at first watching the unresolved sexual tension between America and England was amusing and he enjoyed teasing them both. But now? Now, it's was just getting pathetic.

For being in love with each other, neither have made a move. Perhaps with their personalities, they thought the other doesn't like them, perhaps they were afraid of destroy their relationship, or perhaps they are both just dense in the matters of amour.

Clearly someone needed to step and gave them a push, and now France broke into a grin as a thought come to him.

Yes, yes, he liked this idea. He will get to have fun and finally get these imb├ęciles to stop denial themselves.

Cue the evil laughter.

(....I should probably look up ways on courting huh? XD

and forgive me for any French words mistakes. *is only using a online dictionary, and isn't sure which word to use sometimes*)


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Re: All I'm missing is Cupid's bow and arrows.

Post by King of Spades on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:56 pm

The nations were celebrating Christmas together - in the most diplomatic way of course - and it was bound to be chaotic, loud, a bit immature and a bit heart warming.
This year's host was Germany. He made the cutest christmas parties, really.

His tree was always lit up by a downtoned light, decorated with handmade knick-knacks and gingerbread in various adorable shapes. He always stressed that this party was all about being one big family.

America loved the party, even though he would have preferred a bunch more fancy lights and all that glitters. But secretly, he welcomed this cosy atmosphere. He would love to snuggle that one person. Hahahaha not there was a person, pft, no.

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Re: All I'm missing is Cupid's bow and arrows.

Post by Farm Boy Alfred F Jones on Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:10 pm

Thank god the Christmas party was at Germany's this year. Party basely the world meetings, but it wasn't horrible as the Halloween party at America's. That Batman and Robin costumes, embarrassing and childish. Gemany's partys were more mature than America's.

Sitting alone at the table, England drank his tea watching everyone. He didn't really enjoy parties but as a nation he had to come. He wanted to be back home, alone doing work. Deep inside he actaully wished just one person for Christmas.

(sorry for the bad spelling and other things, computer is having problems.)

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Re: All I'm missing is Cupid's bow and arrows.

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