A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

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A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Lord Arthur Kirkland on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:37 am

Well then, it seems like quite a number of us are participating in this poetry contest. So, here's a place to show off our little entries!

Good luck!

Lord Arthur Kirkland

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To My Dearest Torry

Post by Arthur Rabbit on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:39 am

My lover, my darling, my sweetheart.
Please don't be upset, and please please don't cry;
Approval for you, is most certainly due,
But I don't care what they think of you and I.

I don't care for the glances and stares,
and their suspicious looks at our displays;
If only they knew just how precious are you,
'Stead of suspicious, they'd be jealous I say.

I never planned on finding someone else to be my mate,
I always thought that I would be alone; forever wait.
But on that day I met you despite the fear you put me through,
If lion and lamb, I'd be the lamb that fell in love with you.

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Arthur Rabbit

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Lord Arthur Kirkland on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:40 am

Ahaha, I got convinced into writing two poems (villanelles to be exact) for Wanda. The first is a derpy little tsundere one, while the second is a bizarre yandere one. Please enjoy, though these aren't very good. OTL

Don't play fetch with my heart, you NCR dog

My intentions are easy to misconstrue
Quite often I am filled with dismay
Let me make it simple, perhaps I don’t dislike you.

You’re impossible to lend an ear to
Yet I cannot keep you at bay
My intentions are easy to misconstrue

I mustn’t give thought to you
Though frankly we’ve come a long way
Let me make it simple, perhaps I don’t dislike you.

I must tell you a thing or two
Of how I refuse to let you take my breath away
My intentions are easy to misconstrue

You are certainly something to get used to
However much you alarm and disobey
Let me make it simple, perhaps I don’t dislike you

Yet whenever you come into view
The sky is no longer a hazy gray
My intentions are easy to misconstrue
Let me make it simple, perhaps I don’t dislike you.

My possessions, my prize

From this barren wasteland to the polluted sea,
Despite how the world has been lead astray
Everything belongs to me

The atmosphere here is as charming as a banshee,
Even a pleasant smell is far away
From this barren wasteland to the polluted sea.

But you, my dearest devotee,
I must remind you every day,
Everything belongs to me.

Your blue eyes fill with glee,
On you there isn’t a spot of gray,
From this barren wasteland to the polluted sea,

Sign here you must agree,
Our relationship is never something to betray,
Everything belongs to me

Frightened? You seem, you’ll only be an amputee
There is no cause for dismay
From this barren wasteland to the polluted sea,
Everything belongs to me
Lord Arthur Kirkland

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Arthur the Hunter on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:43 am

Arthur the Hunter

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Sit There and Roll Your Eyes, You'll Always be Mine, My Beautiful Prize

Post by Predatory Alfred on Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:00 pm

Can you remember it, the day that we met?
Oh don't give me that look, just don't get upset.
It was hard at that point, to tell where we'd end up at all.
Okay, stop with those eyes, of course I'd have gall.

I was bored, I think we both were
Isn't it strange, just how these sorts of things seem to occur.
But there you were, alone in that field
all small and defenseless, my senses appealed

Okay, so maybe at first it was nothing but fun,
A toy, a friend, something to chase and with you I'd be done.
But you were so interesting, so special and new
I couldn't help it, upon first glance I knew I had to pursue

So there were a few misunderstandings, and you definitely could talk
But you were no better, thinking I could only prowl, hunt and stalk
But we're growing on onward, and least I would think
See! Even now-- look at your cheeks; that darling shade of pink

Somewhere in between all the rush and confusion, this giant perfect mess
Our friendship bloomed, I don't mean to digress.
And friendship hardly lasted, perhaps well blame instincts for this part as well
The desire, the passion, the heat and sparks, it was a call that I had to quell

So here we are now, but I feel that doubt remains
My motives were skewed, but that's what I'm doing, I'm here to explain
It's been hard, you very well know
Between your scent, your taste, and that way that you practically glow

Resistance isn't easy, but my willpower is anything but weak
So hush now, calm down, your future's not bleak
Well, not in that aspect, I can say that at the very least,
You will not be my meal, you're hardly a feast.

But we still fight, and times do get tough
Between diets, instincts and family, don't leave in a huff
I can't promise you a lot, hardly anything, truth be told
But I can tell you this, it's mine to uphold

However this ends, be it easy or rough,
I'll love you forever, hopefully that is enough
Predatory Alfred

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Wanda on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:51 pm

I was going write a crack poem toward Kirk, but ya see...

I had to do a response to Kirk's yandere!poem.

One oblivious and one not so oblivious. (And sorry if my poem skills suck ass. >_>)

Poor little solider...

I do not see,
The looks you gave me,
But would I understand them if I did?

I thought that I would be
Able to save the wasteland,
But instead I got caught unknowingly in a web,

But I never saw,
The fact that the wasteland
wasn't the thing I need to be wary of,
Never saw that
It would be you.

So, I keep giving you bright little smiles,
And thinking that you would be,
A help with my noble goal,
I did not see,
That I instead became a little lovely prize,

And that,
By the time I would notice the web,
There would be no escape.

Poor little soldier,
You should have run,
now you will never be free.

You think you can control me?

You think I haven't noticed?
You think that I am just a poor blind little fool?
You think that you can control me?

Oh, you will soon learn,
That I notice your intent
And won't be just a prize,
Two can play this game.

I will not be broken by the wasteland,
And you will find that it won't be so
Easy to control me,

I saw the web that would have,
caught me if I was less knowing,
You think you figured me out.

But you see?
I have fool the world with my
Poor little silly soldier routine,
But no one has figured out my intent,

I have killed greater men than you who have tried to control me,
But you see?
I won't kill you, I wish to see,
Who will wins this little game, my 'dear' doctor.

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Detective Jones on Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:07 pm

Here is some stuff I came up with rather quickly..>>

A dreamer always dreaming
from the moment that we met
I had stars in my eyes
of badges that we kept.

A dreamer always wishing
to be the perfect man
and quite honestly I saw
you as the most ideal in the land

A dreamer always wanting
justice, glory and cheer
until suddenly I didn't know
why I was wanting your spot here

A dreamer always trying
to figure out this maze
of hearts racing and beating
breaking all of what I crave

A dreamer always looking
realizing you were the best view
and I ended up smiling
as I framed a picture of us two.

A dreamer always defending
what had come to be mine
no matter from what corner
I'm definately right behind

A dreamer always loving
those close to my heart
and a certain officer
has taken his whole part

A dreamer always dreaming
still and to this day
of stars and hearts and shapes
of you and me and play

and because I know Fuzzeh (and kingy) will like this

Oh Officer, won't you come by
I've got plenty of time to spare
and I know that look in your eye

Oh why don't you come here
my lawman, my love
I'm giving the all clear

Oh, we could have so much fun
with these handcuffs
and my gun

Oh, what is there to lose
except your uniform
but that's something I won't refuse.

Oh, baby your just my type
I lik 'em a little crazy
come on, show me some fight

Oh, sexy just give the word
and I'll show you everything
make the best sounds you ever heard

Oh, Officer won't you come by
I'm ready and waiting for you
don't let time fly

*runs to go hide now* o///o
Detective Jones

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Ghost on Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:39 am

Here goes!

To Alfie, whom I actually haven't rp-ed with yet.

Before you came I was alone,
With only the Fey for friends,
Demons to summon, potions to brew,
A gigantic garden to tend. 

Before you came I was alone,
Feared by the villagers out there,
Stick and stones never broke my bones
But the pain was still hard to bear. 

After you came the world was much bigger
So beatiful, like never before
Had I seen such sights or wondered
For all I had read of folklore

After you came, well, a lot of things changed
One, or two, or all
You're now the most precious thing to me
Even if you are a tad too tall.

So please, don't ever leave me
I don't know what I will do
I have gotten too used to your presence
To your scent, your being, just you

So please, don't ever leave me
This time, I'll certainly break
I know I'm being selfish
But please, just this, for my sake.

((...goes to hide my face.))


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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Crocky Kirkland on Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:14 am

-wrote like two seconds ago- Hopefully Sheriff knows where this comes from. XD

Before that Sunset

Before that sunset,
London, England was my home,
And I walked around in a shadow of regret.
Running around in the loam,
Before that sunset.

Before that sunset,
I never thought a smile would be for me,
Or have someone who gave comfort,
Or made me want to stay across the sea,
Before that sunset.

Before that sunset,
Not once did I think
About tearing apart the Wild West,
Or getting in this kind of clink,
Before that sunset.

Before that sunset,
I thought a lot of things,
Still do as a wait for you, and wait, and wait,
Hoping he never rings.
So save me love, just like you did on that sunset.
Crocky Kirkland

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Sheriff Jones on Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:02 pm

Honestly, I haven't a clue what I just wrote. Anyway Crocky love, hope you enjoy!

A Dance of Thieves

The game begins.

A thief, wearing a crooked smile upon a pale face-
Sly, mischievous, unrelenting-
The most beautiful of poisons.

He hides within the shadows,
Stalking his prey through the quiet darkness of night.
Every step, brush, touch, breath-
Little more then a whisper-
Deadly in it’s silence.

A breath.
His victim is not so blind.

The crooked grin appears,
Acidic green eyes dance with glee.

The game is thrilling.

Frozen anticipation-
Predator and prey breath as one-
Trembling as they wait for the stillness to break.


Slender fingertips grasp for tanned wrists,
Holding them still as the thief performs his work-
Teasingly dancing around the prize.

A smirk.

Eyes a color that could rival the sky smile up at him-
Soft lips press against his own as flesh meets flesh in perfect harmony.

Their bodies move as one-
Slick with sweat, flushed with pleasure,
Perfect bliss remaining just out of reach.

Whispers of desire,
Desperate gasps and moans until finally



They lay tangled within each other,
Panting, sedated, and satisfied.

The thief grins,
The game has been won-
His treasure secured.


I love you.

Blue clashes with emerald-
A grin appears as the second thief reveals himself,
Worshiping his own prize with a single glance.





Two thieves-
Masters of their trade-
Owners of the others most precious cores-
Reach the final move.

I love you too.

End game.

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To my would be partner;

Post by Dr. Jones on Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:36 pm

The devil, your eyes are far too green
Greener than any emerald lost in the seven sea
They held me captive, you are my only queen
Please, my devil, look only at me.

The devil, your caress are far too gentle.
More gentle than the butterfly flying high and free
They left me needy, lacking something fundamental
Please, my devil, embrace only me.

The devil, your lies are far too sweet.
Sweeter than any honey used to lighten even the most noble of tea.
They give me false hope, destroy, rebuild and repeat.
Please, my devil, lie only to me.

Taint me and drag me down to your level,
with you, my one and only Sweet Devil.
Dr. Jones

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Damsey on Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:37 am

Um, so this is dedicated to Spidey... I hope that you like it and that you have a Happy Christmas~!

Um, right. Well, I haven't written any poetry up until now so forgive me if I made mistakes.. Um here it goes..

I'm used to it

I've always wondered if a person like me
Could find someone who'd fill my soul with glee
A person who'd try to open up my heart
And heal those wounds that tore it apart

I've been by myself, I've been alone for so long
But all that has changed when you came along
I've tried to ignore my feelings for you, and treat you like the rest
But, there's something about you that could not put my heart at rest

Darling, do you remember the day we confessed?
You felt the same way, I never would have guessed
I've always thought of myself as ugly and plain
So, when I heard that you liked me, I thought you were insane!

I've tried to tell you to find someone new
Someone smarter, better, and good-looking too
But whenever I said that, you'd always smile and hug me close
And reassure me that I am all of those

Oh my love, where did you go?
I've been waiting for you, And I've been missing you so
No, it's not true.. It just can't be..?
Could it be that you no longer love me?

I do not blame you for I am quite selfish
And all I could give you is nothing but rubbish
You don't need me, you never did, not even once
But you no longer have to worry about this nuisance

Oh, the days we spent together seem so far away
The promises we've made, they all sound so cliche
I knew deep down, that this was never meant to last
But I never thought that I'd lose you so fast

Letting go is not an easy thing to do
But I am willing to do that, just for you
Don't worry about me, just do what you have to do
Just stay healthy and remember that I love you

(( *runs and hides forever and ever* ))


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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:41 pm

I can't write poems other than in stream of conscious free verse. I hope that it's enjoyable, at least?

For My Damsey,

I think I’ve started this poem five times.
None of them are quite right,
Because I have a million things I want to say
And no idea how to start saying them.
Let me try again.

If this was a fairytale,
I think I would be the prince.
That makes you the princess, you know.
You’re okay with that, aren’t you?
I only want to keep you happy.

But because I’m the prince,
That means I was the one to stand under
Your tower and shout up to you,
The one who found your silver slipper
And coaxed you away from the wishing well.

I fought dragons for you. I traveled the lands,
And searched every nook and cranny
Until I found you again.
You’ll always be worth the time it takes,
Because I don’t need a magic mirror to love you for everything.

And I hope I’m worth it, too?
Even though it’s too much to ask, because
I’m not the kind of prince who can sit around all day,
I kind of want to be your One True Love.
You’re mine, you know.

I love you.
It sounds simple but it’s not.
Look how far we had to come
To say those words. And I’ll go even farther
If it means I can keep saying them again and again.

I’m your prince, right? Does that mean
That we can try for a Happily Ever After?
I would like to, if you would.
Even if we don’t have crowns to wear
Or thrones to sit on or lands to rule over.

You’re all I need.
I hope that all makes sense.
I love you, and I’m sorry,
And I hope that maybe, you can take me back.
And if not, just, please remember me.


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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by King of Spades on Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:13 am

...this seems like the perfect time to add the dark!Damsey poem <<
King of Spades
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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Officer Kirkland on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:29 am

To my Dearest Poofy <3 I've always been pretty rubbish at poetry, so... Um, I hope you enjoy this!

My Poofy, my Dearest, love of my life;
I'm not sure that I'm fit to be your wife. 
But I'm glad, because you see:
You are the dearest one to me. 

I'll do my very best to be
Whatever you expect of me. 
I don't mind changing because I know
That you just want to help me grow

Emotionally. And I wholeheartedly
Wish I could tell you that I'm sorry
For condemning you to put up with such
A disgusting creature, with tears that gush

At everything, even though
Such kindness and love, you do show
To one who constantly whines and flails
And keeps you up at night with wails

Weak and useless, pathetic and broken
Depressed and terrified, things left unspoken
Until it was almost to late to save what was left
Of what we had, that enormous cleft

That I'd allowed to widen and grow
Because even though you did nothing but show
The utmost love and care for me
I was utterly terrified to see

Someone who somehow did not loathe
Someone like me, with all of my woes
Someone who treated me with tender care
It was more than I could possibly bear

I was afraid; what if it wasn't true?
Slowly but surely, my feelings grew
Impossibly, until there was no way
I'd survive if you were to say

"I no longer want nor love you"
Or "you and I are now through".
And I was sure that you would
As I knew you rightly should. 

But despite it all, you're still here with me
And I'm more grateful than I could possibly be
I adore you; you treat me so well
Not like a toy, to use and sell

You make me happy in every possible way
So although it's selfish, I'd just like to say
I love you, I love you true
I'd never love anyone more than I love you

And I'm not afraid to admit
If you leave, I'll fall to bits
Shattered and empty, I'll wander alone
Until you come to take me home

And I know that you definitely will
Because you promised me, and still 
You are with me despite who I am
You never seem to give a damn

About my faults of which there're many
While of your faults, I can't find any
You are handsome, charming and strong
You never, ever treat me wrong

You are fair and just, a truly heroic man
You treat me as well as you possibly can
I wish that I could express just what I feel
And thank you for helping my heart to heal

You have made me all I can be
Because you make me feel almost worthy
Of accepting your love and stealing you away
From all the others who'd love to play

And I've known right from the start
I'm not deserving of your heart
But I will do my best to do
Everything that you want me to

To protect your heart and keep you happy
I'm sorry that I'm sometimes snappy
And I have one thing left to say:
I hope that I can convince you to stay

By my side for now and forever more
I love you so much, I simply adore
Everything about you. And all that I need
Is you. Indeed...

You have always been my hero. 
Officer Kirkland

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To Assi

Post by Mr. Kirkland on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:37 am

So, I haven't written a poem for about three years but this was my best shot for my lovely Assi~! I hope that this doesn't make your eyes bleed too much and... yeah. Note the bluntness of my muse speaking XD

How can one possibly begin to explain the magnificence of such blue eyes;
the way in which you can make me shiver with your smile alone?
For years, I have listened to people’s tumultuous stories and their lies,
but never have I met anyone as genuine that I can truly call my own
All smiles and laughter;
glee and disaster.
But I love you.

The darkness of the night may cover my ugliness but the daylight does not;
how can someone so exquisite wish to look upon the face of me?
Long nights that we spend together are tender, mostly frenzied and hot
and by morning I have to conceal what I do not want you to see
All broken and animal;
joy and farcical.
But I love you.

A man with beautiful wheat-like hair which angels themselves but have harvested;
flaxen and soft beneath my fingers as I plead to have you in my arms
In all of the entirety of the world, it is your heart that I have lusted for and targeted,
for your sweet good nature, your cheerfulness and irreplaceable charms
All sapphire and golden;
blessed and chosen.
And I love you.

My darling, my one;
My stars and my moon,
and the sun up above.
I must tell you soon
that I love you.

Mr. Kirkland

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Assistant Jones on Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:34 am

For my beautiful and wonderful Mister~ Who deserves much better than this but I hope you enjoy it, my love! ; o ;

You came from a land across the sea,
And you were as foreign as can be.
Even next to me you were on top of the tower,
So glorious and with so much power.

How could I ever reach you from down here?
As by minute by minute, you seem to disappear.
But I would climb and climb until you see,
That maybe, just maybe, you could even fall in love with me.

At a painful distance we must stay.
Though how can I bear to be away,
When you are so close that I could brush
Those cheeks with that lovely flush?

Maybe I am too needy,
And maybe a bit too greedy.
But that is how I love, my dear.
I can only hope you don't sneer.

Let me show you this grand city,
With its lights and buildings looking oh so pretty.
This may not be Rome,
But at least let me help you make it your home.

How many times would I whisper 'I love you' into your ear?
If I could, I would whisper it all year.
Yet I cannot help but worry that soon this work of art,
Will soon fall all apart.

Though how optimistic am I.
To hope that this would catch your lovely eye?
You know that I am no writer,
But I hope that will make my words shine no less brighter.

So will you believe me if I tell you that 'I love you'?
For these words will never be any less true.
So will you believe me if I tell you that I'm looking for your smiles,
Instead of the most recent styles?

To think that this had all started with that first dance,
This beautiful and wonderful yet confusing romance.
A flame shot through my soul, in that first kiss
And I felt I was on fire, I knew no thought but this.

Could I even dare to imagine how your words would bring a smile to my face?
Or how your laughs would make my heart race?
Oh what confusing feelings these are!
As warm and as bright as a beautiful star.

For you, I may not be the best,
But be assured that I will never rest.
You could have all the oceans and the jewels and the hearts and the earth,
I simply hope that to you, I will be of enough worth.

So welcome to New York City,
With its lights and buildings looking oh so pretty.
I am your new assistant, Mr. Kirkland
And our love will be grand.
Assistant Jones

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by Gryffindor Alfred on Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:14 pm

To my lovely Preffy ;u;

To be honest, I haven't written a poem in years and this is the first time I try writing one in English, so I'm very sorry if it's too fail or something ;n; It's probably full of grammatical errors too >> B-but I swear I tried ;n; I know you should get something way better than this, but I hope you can enjoy it a little bit ;u;

I still wonder how I survived
Without you by my side
Before you, I thought I knew life
But it was dark, dull, without shine

First time I saw you, I was mesmerized
I know I teased you, I'm sorry for that
I was just trying to hide a fact
That seeing you made my heart beat fast

I always had you close, I know I lost time
Because honest with you, I never was
Think about it, we were even on the same house!
But it was easier to stand apart

Who could have said you'd be the one
No one would have seen it, without a doubt
Like enemies we were, everytime
But now I realize, you stole my heart

Remember that time in the mirror?
It said you'd be for me
Back then it was hard to believe
Now I understand though, that we were meant to be

You're the only one who knows my secrets
Hard to admit, but the one I trust the most
And surprisingly as it can be,
The only one I've fallen for

And there's one last thing I'd like to say
It's something I could repeat again and again,
It's magic in your eyes I see,
Please believe me when I say, you're everything to me.
Gryffindor Alfred

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

Post by StarQBAlfredJones on Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:43 am

So... I haven't written poetry in years and something possessed me to try to write a sonnet. Some words may not rhyme exactly but fuck the rules, it's my poem. /shot

Thisissoterribleohgoddon'tlook *hides*

When I ran into you in the hallway
I never thought that you would be the one,
But now it seems that you are here to stay.
I hope that you will never want to run.

At football practice you came to watch me,
Even though your brother liked to mock you.
You said congrats when I became QB,
Although back then I did not have a clue.

We quickly began to grow very close,
You invited me to see your rock band.
When someone kissed you, I hated all those
That could get so close and make you feel grand.

That night you made me feel so very loved,
And now you are forever my beloved.

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Re: A Parade of Perplexing Poetry

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