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Wanda's poems

Post by Wanda on Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:16 pm

cause i wasn't actually sure where to post this, sooooo....

And I actually might try to write poems once awhile. The first poem will be Dark!Gwyneth coming to cleanse the world. In fire. (And really hope it's somewhat creepy. XD)

Oh, oh, oh!
The world did not know,
That it need to be cleansed
of evil.

Too long has the evil been
left to fester,
Te-hehe, oh, oh,
But you see?
I'm here to fix the mistake,
with holy fire.

I come down from Heaven,
With the morning light
And oh, oh,
Some of the world thinks,
That they will be safe from the cleansing.
But no, all must be cleanse in the holy fire.

I come down with bright white wings,
And a innocent personalty,
A laughing smile,
No one knows,
That I will bring the end of this
disgusting evil old world,
And the beginning of a better new world.

Te-hehe, oh, oh, oh,
How wonderful!
They think they can stop the cleansing?
Te he he, oh...
Poor broken toys,
The cleanse won't be stop.

Oh, how the world burn.
What pretty flames.
And what screams the wicked give.

Te he he, oh, oh....

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