Kirk's Bad Original Character Contest

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Kirk's Bad Original Character Contest

Post by Lord Arthur Kirkland on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:44 pm

Alternatively, this is "Kirk's Krappy Karacter Kontest"

Anyways, so here's how it goes:

I want you to make a horrible OC. I'm talking those so bad they're funny sues and weirdo characters. They can be a classic sue, a weaboo sue, an emo sue, you name it. But- there's a catch. They have to be a Hetalia OC (though it doesn't have to be a currently existing country. It can be an ancient one or one from a TV show/game/book/etc), and for common courtesy's sake, don't make things /too/ politically incorrect. There's a line between bad and just plain appalling. I trust you all to be sensible enough about that. <3

As for the reward?:

Basically just bragging rights.

Now then, here is a template to get you started! (Feel free to pretty it up and add drawings)

Name: (The human name of your character)

Country: (The country your character represents)

Personality: (This can be a list of 5+ traits, or 2+ paragraphs )

Appearance: (A 2+ paragraph description of your character, feel free to add pictures )

Strengths: (What is your character good at? 5+ items on the list )

Weaknesses: (Psh, weaknesses? What kind of character has weaknesses? Either way, I'm sure your character has the habit of cutely tripping. 3+ items)

Likes: (I'm sure your character likes nonviolence and punching people in the face. Put em here. 5+ items)

Dislikes: ( Could it be someone killed your character's parents? Or maybe there's something you hate in real life. Stick em here. 5+ items)

Fears:( Fears? almost as ridiculous as weaknesses. Whatever fear you- I mean your character has are probably very unlikely, 2+ items)

Quirks: (Well aren't you a special little snowflake? You must have lots of things that make your character *~UNIQUE~*. 2+ items)

History: (Your nation must have some sort of history, right? psh, just look it up on wikipedia or make things up! Give us a quick summary 3+ paragraphs )

So what are you waiting for? let your inner snowflake shine! Perhaps you'll even attain the level of Stephanie Meyer.

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