He turned me into a newt! ....I got better.

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He turned me into a newt! ....I got better.

Post by Wanda on Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:08 pm

Standing in front of the forest that said to be the home to the town of Galeshire's evil witch, the young witch hunter resisted pouting because he figured a evil witch would make his home in a dark and gloomy forest or a evil looking mountings. Not this almost plain looking forest, oh well.... it's still a evil witch he must take out and or capture. (He wasn't sighing in relief that he won't have to meet any...g-g-ghosts. Not like he is scared and all! He would so own those ghosts! ...whimpers.)

He can't allowed the stealing of children, turning people into unspeakable creatures(Although how being turn into a newt was unspeakable or why the evil witch actually had a time limit on his curse, since the man that was said to be cursed into a newt was, ya know.... walking around as a human being.), cursing their harvests and other evil things.

Alfred used his magic sensing thingy to found out where the evil man was at, he turned his attention to a direction that had magic and walked quickly over to it.

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