Immortality vs. the world

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Immortality vs. the world

Post by Angel Arthur on Sun May 20, 2012 7:12 am

(For some reason I could not just keep this fully on Angel/Wanda. It sort of evolved into full angst over the whole family >A< Also I sort of just made it so that everyone stayed with their partners simply to make this a lot easier. I also changed some things so sorry if details are different to how things are at the moment XD

For Witchys Leaving Behind prompt)

Angel had never been happier after the whole mess that came with getting together with Wanda was finally sorted out. He was happy, content and felt amazing after they managed to work something out with the whole ‘I am an angel so therefore I am meant to be pure’ thing. He was well and truly in love. As the years went by Angel started to finally notice something. Everyone around him was getting older.

Mama and papa had both gone grey haired with wrinkled faces and hands. Even their movements were a lot slower than they used to be. Papa was even showing signs of forgetting easily remembered things. Angel remembered reading something about old age leading to a person starting to lose their memory, but what it was called he could not remember right away.

All his brothers were getting older as well. They looked more mature. Fuzzy had really grown into his new job as a chief at his station and he looked right at home in his uniform. A true man of the law you did not want to mess with. Witchy had, at least partly, grown out of his childish prank pulling ways and was more concentrated on his magic and provided potions for people who needed them (Angel would never admit that he loved watching his manly bro prank people. The mattress prank never got old no matter how often it was pulled). And finally it was Damsey, who looked more mature as well. Really getting on well with Hero and his studies had gotten him a good job that made everyone proud of him.

Wanda had gotten older as well. He realised how different the two of them looked when he saw photos of the two of them. He still looked nineteen physically while Wanda was clearly in his thirties and maybe older. If it were not for their completely different looks and the way they were posed the clear age difference between them could have been big enough to make it look like a father and son.

Watching his family and loved ones grow old while he stayed the same hurt. He had taken to healing everyone at night while they slept to make sure that they had no health problems and soothing any aches that came with getting old.
It was tiring to go between everyone’s houses and perform so much magic on them night after night but he truly thought it was worth it when they woke up and managed to go about their day like they did when they were younger. He felt proud and accomplished when mama would comment that his back did not hurt that day or hear his big bro say how he was happy the bruise that he got from some drunken idiot hitting him healed a lot quicker than he expected.

More years passed and the effort of constantly healing everyone was starting to show on Angel’s forever youthful body. He still looked nineteen but he had black bags under his eyes and he was skinnier from lack of sleep and irritable like he was years earlier when someone commented that he was a prude and just needed to get laid already.

Mama and papa should by all means be dead by now. They were human after all. They were all human. His brothers were turning grey too and Wanda looked truly old as well.

It really should not have been so shocking to one day come home and find Wanda collapsed on the floor but it was. Crying out in panic Angel ran into the room and dropped down next the body and felt for a pulse, turning pale when he could not locate one when pressing his fingers to Wanda’s neck. Holding back tears he fumbled for his wand and placed a hand directly over where Wanda’s heart is. He worked with his magic until he felt the strong muscle beneath his hands starting beating again and rolled Wanda over when he suddenly breathed in to quickly and started heavily coughing.

Curling up behind Wanda Angel wrapped his arms around him and cried. He would not let anyone die, ever. Not while he possessed the ability to heal someone and bring them back to life.
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