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Open RP!!!~

Post by Arthur Rabbit on Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:32 pm

Bunn descended down from the heavens on a flying nimbus cloud inscribed with a spell for levitation. It was written in Dragonspeak, for Bunn is the Dragonborn you see. If you were unaware of that, where the hell you been?!

He stepped onto the ground of the grassy field, letting out a screeching call that summoned all the rabbits in the immediate vicinity. They all lifted their heads and their ears and began running, ears flopping in the wind, so many little feet padding on the ground that it was as though thunder was overhead!

Scratch that, there was thunder overhead. In the middle of the day. With a blue sky.

That was how powerful the rabbit spirit was, that it summoned thunder, and soon Bunn was surrounded by his kin, their loud honks echoing in the SKY.

"Come, brethren! The end times are at hand! Come, I say!"
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