(Sweet) Devil Sex [Devil!Phinny/Meggy] (R-18)

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(Sweet) Devil Sex [Devil!Phinny/Meggy] (R-18)

Post by Alpha Jones, MD on Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:08 pm


Devil!Alpha Jones : As long as you put that guy's body in a big freezer *winks at them* Now, Mister Devil here'll be solving that guy's issues once and for all~
Devil!Alpha Jones : *flies over to where the root of Phinny's problems lie*

Omega Arthur : *Uncomfortable in his sleep*

Devil!Alpha Jones : *lands silently beside Meggy* *peers at him with wicked eyes* Aha-ha-ha~ Finally... fucking finally... *smirks*
Devil!Alpha Jones : *runs his calloused fingers on the sleeping Meggy's hair* Hnnnnghhh.. so fucking soft... Fuck you, Phinny for holding back...

Omega Arthur : *Scowls in his sleep* Mm-mm...

Devil!Alpha Jones : *massages the scalp before grabbing tightly the hair* Wake the fuck up, Arthur Meggy Kirkland.

Omega Arthur : *Yelps in surprise and wakes up, looking up at the other* ?! W-What on /Earth/...?!

Devil!Alpha Jones : *smirks down at the shocked face* Happy to see me, human?

Omega Arthur : *Thinks it's Wanda for a second, before realising that it's not him* Who are you?!

Devil!Alpha Jones : *grips the hair tighter* You better remember this face now, Darling~ You're my one true bitch mate and prepare yourself... *pulls Meggy's face closer* To be pounded.

Omega Arthur : Holy fucking christ. *Stares at him in /shock/*
Omega Arthur : Are you---Phinny?

Devil!Alpha Jones : *mockingly smiles at him* Awwww, so you do know me, huh, honeybitch?

Omega Arthur : O-oh my God. But--I thought you were the doctor?!

Devil!Alpha Jones : *laughs out loud* Did you know what that pathetic little human just did?

Omega Arthur : W-What? You're Phinny aren't you? But...
Omega Arthur : I don't understand, what happened?!

Devil!Alpha Jones : *holds Meggy's chin and presses hard* Your fucking fiance just signed a contract, honeybitch, and he's now dead

Omega Arthur : *gives out a whimper* W-What?! He died?!

Devil!Alpha Jones : Yeah. Dead. Lifeless. And it's all because of you~

Omega Arthur : W-What are you saying---D-Did he... ask to die? To become you?

Devil!Alpha Jones : *releases his hold on Meggy's chin, hand moves to caress the exposed neck* He's signed up for an afterlife in the service of Her Demonic Mistress Victoria Ellen~

Omega Arthur : Vicky--But why?! Why would he /do/ that?!

Devil!Alpha Jones : All because someone stupid *tugs Meggy's hair* made a contract with her in the first fucking place!

Omega Arthur : *Yelps and tries to push his hand away* I don't even remember making the /bloody/ contract!!

Devil!Alpha Jones : Of course you wouldn't, Meggy honeybitch, coz you fucking asked to remove the pathetic Phinny from your memories! *smacks him*

Omega Arthur : *Smacked* *Shocked pants*---?! I--I don't even remember that--H-How am I--/He would die for me/?
Omega Arthur : This person I asked to forget?
Omega Arthur : W-Was I the one who wronged him?
Omega Arthur : Dammit tell me you beastly thing!

Devil!Alpha Jones : *laughs out loud* Of course it's both your fault and Phinny's. Who else would make me this happy except the two of you? >:)

Omega Arthur : Happy? You're happy because you /died/? And--and everything else?!
Omega Arthur : Get off of me, you're too close!

Devil!Alpha Jones : Did you you know that that pathetic human has loved you enough to accept everything about you?
Devil!Alpha Jones : Your faults, your mistakes, your attitude, your history, even if it hurts him?

Omega Arthur : My /history/? What about my /history/ does he have a problem with?
Omega Arthur : And not everyone is without faults!

Devil!Alpha Jones : Remember how wanton you were in the past, huh?
Omega Arthur : ...I--... *can't deny it*
Devil!Alpha Jones : Do you want me to make you remember that, hmmmm? *caresses his curvy ass*

Omega Arthur : I--...
Omega Arthur : *Swallows*

Devil!Alpha Jones : Remember how those men touched you here? *cups his crotch*

Omega Arthur : **far as he's concerned he's not had a loving relationship ever before, so he's conflicted*
Omega Arthur : G-Get your hands off of me. *Blushes and glares off in another direction*

Devil!Alpha Jones : *whispers to his ear* Remember how you begged for them to fuck you?

Omega Arthur : You don't know about that. I don't talk about them. I don't--to anyone!
Omega Arthur : I wouldn't have talked to ... him... about it...?

Devil!Alpha Jones : *smiles lazily at him* Then how would I know then, if your isn't Phinny dead?

Omega Arthur : How do you know any of this?
Omega Arthur : ...I--I wasn't the one who told him to /die/...
Omega Arthur : I...

Devil!Alpha Jones : Of course I know them. I am Phinny's soul after all. *smiles evilly* I know everything about you. I know all your desires. Your feelings. Your insecurities. Phinny's own thoughts and feelings. His desires. Everything.
Devil!Alpha Jones : *whispers to his ear* I know how much you wanted someone to love you as you - and you alone.

Omega Arthur : He's dead because of me...? A-aa-h...
Omega Arthur : *shocked and bows his head* ...
Omega Arthur : *Doesn't really understand himself - why would he push away the one person who /loved/ him?*


Devil!Alpha Jones : Do you want to be loved like that? *smirks*
Devil!Alpha Jones : *winces as Vicky's shout reached his ears* *minion powers*

Omega Arthur : *Closes his eyes softly* ...aa-ah...

Devil!Alpha Jones : *continues to taunt Meggy* Do you want someone who'll caress you so tenderly... who'll kiss you when you wake up?

Omega Arthur : M-mhm...

Devil!Alpha Jones : *runs his hand underneath his shirt as he said those words*

Vicky: M-maybe? Bad Phinny Minion, come to me! *forgets to specify when*

Omega Arthur : Oh...... *bites his lip*

Devil!Alpha Jones : *sends a mental message to Vicky that he'll be back once he's done with his real purpose*

Vicky: *frowns* No hurting Mister Meggy!

Devil!Alpha Jones : Someone who'll... *gets interrupted by Vicky again*
Devil!Alpha Jones : *replies mentally with: Yeah yeah I won't be hurting him - that much >u>*
Devil!Alpha Jones : *back to business* Someone who'll fill you up very nicely...
Devil!Alpha Jones : *kneads Meggy's crotch*

Omega Arthur : S--Stop it... *conflicted*

Vicky: >T Mister Meggy better be okay when you're back!

Omega Arthur : You're telling me I killed you and now you are trying to--?!

Devil!Alpha Jones : *yes yes He'll be okay - he might be happy when we're done here >u>*
Devil!Alpha Jones : Trying to get into your pants? *smirks* Of course, Phinny has loved you even in death - he'll still love you in this form. *raises eyebrow* Hmmmm...?

Omega Arthur : You're some sort of /demon/.
Omega Arthur : If I loved him so much and if he loved /me/ so much then why did I forget him!

Devil!Alpha Jones : Scratch that, honeybitch, I'm a devil~
Devil!Alpha Jones : Coz you wished for it, duh.

Omega Arthur : But why did I wish for it!
Omega Arthur : Did he hurt me, did I hurt him?

Devil!Alpha Jones : Phinny had temporary thoughts about someone who looked just like you - *laughs condescendingly* The pathetic idiot missed you so much he was seeing you in someone else!

Omega Arthur : I--I thought he was------cheating on me?

Devil!Alpha Jones : *shrugs* You might consider that in your world.

Omega Arthur : A-ah...
Omega Arthur : Well--I want someone to love me right? Well obviously being faithful is one of the things I'd like--!
Omega Arthur : You can't give me anything.

Devil!Alpha Jones : *smirks at the challenge* Ohhh? Really?
Devil!Alpha Jones : *pulls and mashes their lips together* *forced make out*

Omega Arthur : Mmph?!! *Pushes at him*

Devil!Alpha Jones : *pulls his body closer* *murmurs to his mouth* You want this-- *kisses again, and roam around his back before cupping his bum*

Omega Arthur : Mphh!! *Tries to push and kick him away* M-mmf.......!!

Devil!Alpha Jones : You can never escape me, Megs. Give yourself to me and me alone...

Omega Arthur : I don't know you! *Moans slightly though and bows his head shamefully over it, feeling his body beginning to relax, smelling alpha scents coming off of Phinny*

Devil!Alpha Jones : Stop resisting, Megs.. *kisses his neck* I know you want this... *shoves his hand inside his pants, touching his crotch* ohhhh~ You're even wet here!

Omega Arthur : Just get off of me! N-Nghh!! *Pushes at him still, though moans senselessly as Phinny touches him* A-ahhh.

Devil!Alpha Jones : *kisses his jaw and moves back to the neck, biting on the smooth skin*
Devil!Alpha Jones : Meggy - you taste so fucking good - *licks more and realizes he's aroused*

Omega Arthur : A-ah, /phinny/----*blinks, surprised by the way that came out*... *thought he forgot everything*

Devil!Alpha Jones : Yes, yesss that's it.. call my name, darling Sweetcakes--! *inhales sharply*

Omega Arthur: *Wants to deny how much his body is yearning for the attention, but simply can't - the evidence so obvious with his arousal and the thick omega scent in the air* a-ah...

Devil!Alpha Jones: *pulls Meggy from the sofa he's molesting him on and drags him to a nearby table, still facing him* Phinny has always been gentle to you - but this time... I'm in control here.

Omega Arthur: *Doesn't even remember how Phinny treats him* A-agh! *Positioned against a table, knowing he can't get away from this, but is now becoming unsure whether or not he /wants/ to get away at all* /Fuck/... *Body becoming slowly undone, needy and wet, his body producing slick with his arousal* /Oh/...

Devil!Alpha Jones: *inhales at the lemony scent* Fuck, despite being so used - you still smell so utterly delicious... *shoves his hand back down his pants, teasing the half erect cock he found there*
Omega Arthur: *Makes a strangled noise and dips a hand down to cup the one touching his cock, jutting his hips back and letting his mouth fall into an 'o' of heat* /Oh/.

Devil!Alpha Jones: *hisses and slaps the hand away before snatching the wrist and roughly pins Meggy down on the table* *rubs his palms against Meggy's crotch harder* You just make those wanton sounds, honeybitch.

Omega Arthur: *Yelps again and growls a little as the Alpha devil forces him back down* Just let me go you bastard--this isn't--mm--what I want! *Body does not react to his mouth, and neither does his head, eyelashes flickering, and him having to squeeze his legs a little to try not give himself other to sheer pleasure, already knowing that the air was thick with his aphrodisiac* Agnnh..

Devil!Alpha Jones: Shut up and moan. *grabs Meggy's now-hard cock and gives a quick pull* *smirks at the flushed face* Awww look at you... *tugs the pants off, leaving Meggy's underwear, exposing his thighs and legs* *slides down the same hand to play with his asshole* So much for not wanting this, slut. *twirls his fingers around the leaking hole before lifting his hand up, showing the wet fingers to Meggy* Do you know what's this, then? *wicked smile*

Omega Arthur: *Gives a glance to the utterly moist fingers, wet with his slick juices and bows his head in shame, knowing he wants this so awfully much* S-Shut up, I'm not going to respond to you. *Feels so ashamed, bent over wantonly like this, contemplating trying to run away*

Devil!Alpha Jones: Awww, words so resistant, body so pliant. Perfect for me to join them together, huh? *makes a show of licking Meggy's slick off his fingers, making eye contact with green eyes* *leans over grasps both of Meggy's wrists and pushes them above his head on the table* *shifts the hold on one hand while the other travels back down to Meggy's wetness and rubs his fingers teasingly around them, producing more slick*

Omega Arthur: *Tugs his legs up to his chest and tries to kick Phinny's arms away so he could run for it, trying to protect his vulnerable body* n-n... No, no, don't you do anything. It's not like I--ahh... not like I want you or anything. *Closed his eyes, gasping appreciatively as Phinny toys with him*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *quickly leans his whole body forward, pushing the legs apart as he shifts to presses his torso against Meggy's, effectively trapping him* *smirks at the lewd expression on Meggy's face, tightening his grip on his wrists* *is apparently even stronger because devil!Phinny* Really, Megs, really... *takes his hand out and shoves his slick coated fingers to Meggy's face* Lick at them and tell me you don't want this.

Omega Arthur: *Watches Phinny's wings flex behind him and fills with some more dread, before looking at his wet fingers* You have got to be kidding me--

Devil!Alpha Jones: *grins happily at him* Of course not! Lick your slick off my fingers, and tell me you're not excited about this~ *smiles but his eyes told another story - if he won't, then more painful treatment*

Omega Arthur: *Sighs and leans up, taking the fingers into his mouth, tasting the slightly salty fluid, while a few lewd, wet noises emerge from between his lips*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *feels the tongue around his fingertips* *shudders despite himself* Ohh... such a talented tongue - no wonder Phinny's so crazy for you -- *closes his eyes and listens to the noises*

Omega Arthur: *feels like something about that is almost familiar - like he almost interjected about Phinny and his wants. He didn't /know him though. It makes no sense* m-nn... *pulls back and swallows* a-hh... T-There.

Devil!Alpha Jones: *takes his hand back and smiles condescendingly* Awww, such a good boy. *pats his cheek* You deserve a reward for that! *grips Meggy's wrist tight while leaning forward and kisses him on the lips, so and sensual*

Omega Arthur: *Hates that shit-eating grin, but also is attracted by it, the son of a bitch* *Kisses the devil back, but simply because he /can't/ run away. If he wants a fuck then that is what he shall get*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *slides down Meggy's underwear and throws it distractedly, purposely aligning his cloth-covered crotch against Meggy's bare one and grounds* *groans against Meggy's mouth and shoves his tongue inside, seeking the other warm organ*

Omega Arthur: *Groans loudly, loving the feeling of someone grinding against him. Realises that Phinny very much knows how to /pleasure/ him. Kisses Phinny hotly and sucks the other's tongue, rubbing his inner hips against the devil's hips to encourage him*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *murmurs against his panting mouth* So you're now eager for this, huh? *flicks his tail and wraps it around Meggy's erect crotch with the tip teasing his slit* *free hand travels to unbutton Meggy's shirt, revealing more of his precious, creamy skin and tweaks a nipple he found there*

Omega Arthur: *Surprised by the fifth limb and jolts, squeezing his legs again as he feels the hot grinding of the tail against his penis, digging against the tip* *Feels even more shamed as his shirt is taken and he's left naked on the table, especially remembering that this is public and anyone could find them* *moans over the nipular stimulation, cock bobbing slightly as he jerked his hips pleasurably*

Devil!Alpha Jones: Awww look at your flushed face~! *nibbles on his bottom lip before moving to lick the shell of his ear* Listen to your moans, you slutty Omega. Saying you don't want this -- *twists a nipple and the rubs it with his forefinger* And then emitting those delicious sounds. Can you feel the heat of your body? *tail squeezes Meggy's cock a bit tighter* Can you see your body responding to /me/? *hand leaves nipple to tease the Omega hole again, this time pushing two fingers inside*

Omega Arthur: *first bound of sex he can remember in a very long time* N-Ngh! *totally lost as the fingers were plunged into him, starting to roughly abuse his hole* *thick scents logging the room and Phinny's dominating smells only arouse him more*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *groans out loud, Meggy's walls clamping down on him so tightly, forcing him to push in and out immediately, parting his fingers against resistance* Fuuuck... Megs... you're still very tight -- Phinny and you haven't had sex in a very long time, huh? Don't you worry - we'll remedy that.. *tail starts to pump Meggy's cock and his own wings flutter and stretch in excitement* *goes to Meggy's neck and bites hard, leaving a nice mark*

Omega Arthur: *Wants to reach out and touch those stretching bat-like wings, allured by them - but even more allured by the things Phinny's tail was doing to him, along with his skillful fingers, making him come undone as Phinny roughly prepared him* /Hngh/--Yes--yes, oh... *mutters under his breath, disliking to admit how horribly aroused he is* Mmf!!

Devil!Alpha Jones: That's it, fuck toy -- moan out loud for me, don't hold back, wake everybody up with your noise! *groans again and shoves another finger in, thoroughly thrusting the fingers in and out, occasionally spreading three fingers apart, effectively loosening Meggy's Omega hole* S-See, you're -- giving in -- you're liking this in the end, ha--ha--ha-- *latches his mouth to a nipple and bites*

Omega Arthur: Ah! /AH/! phinny--stop! Ah--Ah-! *moans so needily and so desperately, latching onto the other man and rolling his hips, wantonly fucking himself on the digits pulling him apart* Yes! YES! N-Ngh! *not sure when he started to really want this - probably soon as his hole was toyed with, the little slut*

Devil!Alpha Jones: You long to be treated this way, huh? Are you secretly unsatisfied that Phinny's so gentle with you? You /want/ this kind of treatment, am I right, Megs? *pushes the three fingers knuckle-deep and probes for his prostate, stimulating his coital channel as well* *tail slithers from its grip on the upper part of the cock only to wrap itself tightly on the base, effectively blocking early onset of orgasm* Just wait a few moments more, you little Omega, my thick dick'll be inside of you~

Omega Arthur: *feels chills run down his spine, through his stomach and to his thighs* /Oh/--You're right, he's so gentle with me--I want to be /fu/--------w-wh... *realises he said that as if he remembered what was being talked about* ...... *groans hastily, three-fingers deep in his coital channel, sending hot feelings inside of him* *would be orgasming soon to now if that pesky tail was not achingly preventing it*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *grins manically at what he just heard* Ah-ah-ah it's slowly coming back to you, huh? *presses quick and hard against the pleasure spot* *tail tightens its hold on Meggy's cock* You think being stretched like this is /difficult/ to take,huh, Megs? *shoves fingers deeper* Just you wait for my cock - you'll be so eager to swallow it inside your coital channel. *twirls his tongue around the hard nub on his chest*

Omega Arthur: Why don't you stop fingering me and /shove your dick into me then?!/ I'm an Omega, you don't need to prepare me so much, Phinny--Just fuck me! *twitches like he recalled some more before it simply disappeared again* Do me!

Devil!Alpha Jones: Ahhhh that's more like it! *roughly removes his hands from Meggy's apparently loose hole and flips him on his stomach, taking a fistful of hair and shoving his head down against the table* Your hole's gaping open, Megs... *kicks his legs apart and positions himself behind Meggy's ass* *unbuttons and unzips his tight pants and shimmies his underwear to expose his very erect cock* *squeezes on fine ass cheek and parts it, one hand guiding his proud penis, and without preamble, thrusts inside Meggy quickly* *groans out loud and his wings flutter*

Omega Arthur: *With a flip, a force down, and quick movement, Phinny was stuffing himself right into him, making him groan needily and whorishly, enjoying that filled feeling like he had no felt it in a very long time* AH--! /GOD YES, PHINNY/... a-ah fuck me. Oh my love, f u c k m e . . . *pants against the table wood*

Devil!Alpha Jones: Argh- Fuck- yes I'll fuck you! *emphasizes each word with a strong, powerful thrust, sending the table backward a few inches, making it groan with their combined weight* I'll fuck you until you remember me -- *snaps hips back deeper inside, not wasting anytime to check if he's hitting Meggy's prostate, his own cock is needy as well* *starts a fast pace immediately, and appreciates Meggy's back flexing in both pain and pleasure* *hands grip on both Meggy's jutting hips, pulling his smaller body back and meeting his own strong hip thrusts* A-ah--Fuck-- so--tight--des-pite--the-- ungghh--prep!

Omega Arthur: *Gasps as his hips were grabbed and yanked backwards, tugged onto Phinny's erection even though Meggy was already cooperating, how becoming almost violently fucked by the other man into the tabletop* Nngh--nn! Nnn!! Ah! AH! AH! AHH! *Almost blinded with pleasured from the sparks in his eyes, shimmying his hips with frustration because of the tight tail around his penis* Dammit, yes! More you son of a bitch, more! *Moans*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *eyes clouded with lust as his own hips won't stop pistoning in and out of Meggy, choking almost on his own spit as the pleasure engulfed him* *Meggy's own soft, fleshy curves cushioning perfectly against his hips, making him want to experience everything Meggy has to offer to him* A--ahh-ah-ah-ohhh yeah Megs, you feel so good... ahhh--ahhh! *leans down while hips are still moving and bites on the exposed fleshy part of his shoulder, leaving yet another mark for Meggy to see in the morning* *tail squeezes and releases the cock a bit, before squeezing again*

Omega Arthur: *Head aches and he squeezes his eyes shut tightly* ...n-n... /Phineas/... Oh Phinny, /Phinny/--Finish me, let me /finish/, o-oh gosh. *manages to drop his hand down and touch the tail wrapped around his cock, concentrating on the feeling of Phinny's dick pistoning in and out of him and his balls smacking against his bottom as Phinny plunged in, slick noises erupting in the air*

Devil!Alpha Jones: *shudders and groans out loud when Meggy touched his tail* F-Fuuuck, Megs! *pace increases further, sliding the table away with the force of his thrusts, hearing creaks mixing with the sound of their breathing and wet skin slapping* Ah-ah--you'll finish-- if I want to-- nngghh! *presses his weight on Meggy, hearing the table groan under then before a snapping, breaking sound was heard* *he didn't mind it and continued to thrust inside Meggy's wet heat, thoroughly loosening him up and hitting his coital channel deeper* Ah-ahhh--Megs--*table finally breaks in half and crashes on the floor*

Omega Arthur: *Yells loudly as the table breaks and he collapses with it, banging his head on the way down, groaning and rubbing his head. Phinny slipped out of him because of this. Suddenly Meggy looks around, wide-eyed* ...Phinny?! Oh my /god/, Phinn--Alfred?!! *Remembers everything and remembers that he's /dead/* A-Ah?!!

Devil!Alpha Jones: Shut up and think later! *pulls him close and kisses him hard, before pushing him to the wall and lifts his thighs around him, guiding his cock back inside and sighs as Meggy's walls clamp back around him* Fuck the table, damn it and to think it was getting fucking good -- *starts to thrust alike in the previous manner* *groans because Meggy's weight is more on his cock, and he's tighter now* Fuuuuck...! So fucking good-- ah-- *pushes deeper inside*

Omega Arthur: *Staring at Phinny with wide eyes, knowing that this was his /Husband-to-be/ and this was /not-how-he-was/. Notices the wings again and rememebrs that Phinny was dead. His Phinny was dead - but replaced by this steadfast, domineering male * *moans loudly and can't help but stay with it for now, because he's too weak to push him away and he wants to cum* Mm! Mm! Mmmmm...!!

Devil!Alpha Jones: *pounds Meggy against the wall hard, feeling himself coming closer to the edge* Fuck--fuck--ahhh-Megs--! *releases his tail's hold on Meggy's cock and now his hand grabs for it, pumping it once, twice, before grasping for both of Meggy's thighs to hoist him higher, achieving deeper penetration because fuck he's about to come*

Omega Arthur: *Orgasms with a loud shout, tightening around Phinny and keeping him trapped within him* *Groans and wraps his arms around his neck, squeezing tightly - not knowing whether this beast was /Phinny/ or someone else completely* P-Phinn.... Mnnn....

Devil!Alpha Jones: *tail flicks as it pumps Meggy through his orgasm* *hips thrusts five more times, the walls clamping around him getting more intense with each thrust* Fu--uck-- nnghhh Megs! *finally orgasms, moaning out Meggy's name and presses his hips deep against Meggy's bottom, making sure that the knotting takes place inside his mate* *pants harshly as his own wings stiffen and then flutters, as if happy to come as well* M-Megs... haahh.. haahh.. *snuggles against him and collapses on the floor, adjusting Meggy's position, finding it a bit hard, deciding to lie down as Meggy situates atop him*

Omega Arthur: *gasps for air and kisses Phinny's nose* M-My God, Phineas what have you done? What have we done to you...?

Devil!Alpha Jones: *smirks up at him, cupping Meggy's cheek a bit roughly* *still panting from the intense orgasm* I just saved your sorry soul from Vicky's army, dummy.

---------END OF SMUT; TBC IN THE CBOX------------
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