Unicorns are just horses with pretty hats, get over yourself. [Torry/Kirk]

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Unicorns are just horses with pretty hats, get over yourself. [Torry/Kirk]

Post by Lord Arthur Kirkland on Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:33 pm

Magical Water Plants of the Highland Lochs. Shrubs and Trees for the Garden. Flesh-Eating Trees of the World. Good Gardens Guide

Dark green, red, brown, brown.

Arthur could honestly close his eyes and know the books simply by feel. The book he wanted was the thinnest, though he still knew the ridges of the spine and the feel of the printed letters against his fingertips all too well. It was a rare occasion when someone other than Arthur had the library's copy of the Good Gardens Guide. If one really needed it, and it wasn't checked out, then you would have to find the most remote corner of the library and then attempt to speak to the skinny Ravenclaw boy who was nearly curled around it and glancing through the pages. If one actually managed to brave the glare and speak, then the book would be graciously lent to you for a while. But it was clear that this book was more his than the library's.

Arthur's fingers traced the usual shelf, stopping suddenly when he's free-reading book of choice was gone. Someone must've grabbed the book when he was studying. He frowned a bit. He knew that more people tended to hide in the library when it rained, but did they have to take his book? He harrumphed a bit before heading to the Charms section to locate another book to devour. He reminded himself that it wasn't bad to start a new book, even if he was in the habit of curling up with the green gardens of the guide when it was rainy. If there hadn't been so many students around, Arthur noted, he certainly would have tried to take another peek into the restricted section, purely for scholarly purposes, obviously. Then again, he could use this time to study more... He squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth. Time to find a new books on Charms for some light reading.
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