House of danger and death

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House of danger and death

Post by Guest on Sat May 28, 2011 8:39 am

(I’ll make this totally separated from the real RPG, so it’s less difficult to explain why are we all here. It’s okay with everyone? If not I’d change my post)

That’s bloody annoying.

He’d followed that girl till here and then she’d just disappeared. It’s not fair! He need blood this evening! Well, okay maybe ‘need’ it’s a big word. We could say he’d really like a taste of that. Isn’t it enough of a reason?

He looked around him, trying so see a movement between the trees. But all he could detect was a fox running at five meters from him. He made a quick turn around, then he chose a direction and started walking. His long jacket fluttering in the light wind and his cane swirling in his hand. He walked for at least ten minutes, then he suddenly found himself in a clearing.

In front of him a mansion.

Windows opened, but with no light coming out from them, at least two or three floors and a normal closed door. He got a very weird feeling from this house, like there was someone – or something?- watching him from the inside. A shiver run under his cold skin and he knew that wasn’t due to the fresh wind.
Yet there was something incredibly magnetic about that mansion. An aura of danger and risk that made his blood thrill. And, more importantly, the unmistakable scent of human blood.

With a smirk of arrogance he decided to take the challenge. He pushed slightly at the front door, finding it suspiciously open. He took just one look behind him, at the bright full moon in the sky, then he entered, closing the door behind him.


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Re: House of danger and death

Post by Guest on Sun May 29, 2011 7:48 am

Alfred felt like a stalker.

What in the world made him follow Arthur into the forest again?

And it was totally not because he had seen Arthur go in the forest with a pretty girl about their age. Or that he was dressed fancily in a long, dark coat and even had a fucking cane. Sure, he knew he was English (or British? Alfred had no idea what the heck the difference was) but that didn't mean he had to dress all fancy just to take a walk.

Maybe he was on a date? Alfred felt his very blood boil at the thought. Arthur Kirkland was his (whether he knew/wanted it or not) and there was no way in Hell's fanciest ballroom that he was dating someone other than him!

So yeah, he totally didn't follow him because of that. He didn't even follow him! He just...wanted to see what that fox was running away from. No ulterior motive. Honest!

After 2 more minutes of walking Alfred found himself on a clearing with no Arthur in sight. But the clearing was in no way empty. On it stood a magnificent old mansion. While Alfred didn't care much about historical architecture, even he could admire the beauty this building held. But it was quite obviously empty and had been that way for a while. It didn't exactly look haunted...and Alfred would know from the amount of horror movies he had seen. Even though it didn't look haunted there was something creepy about this place. And while it would have been enough of a reason for Alfred not to enter, he could clearly smell Arthur's scent leading up to the door and disappearing behind it.
Without the girl's scent, for Alfred's great relief.

Alfred gulped and steeled his resolve.

What kind of Hero would he be if he left his damsel in distress in...well, distress?

And thus, he opened the door to the mansion and stepped inside.


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Re: House of danger and death

Post by Guest on Tue May 31, 2011 6:56 am

Arthur had wandered around the mansion for half an hour at least and he didn’t found a single living soul. Not a dead one neither. How boring! He’s starting to regret entering this house. He’d found a library, a kitchen and two bathroom, with a lot of other rooms like bedrooms and something resembling a living room. Oh, and a room with a white piano and nothing else. How strange.

He moved toward the stairs, ready for exploring the second floor, the only one he still hadn’t seen. The first door he opened was engulfed with darkness. He didn’t even bothered to search for a light, preferring using his better senses of vampire for looking thought the shadow.

Oh great, another room without any logic.

The room wasn’t very large and it had only a furniture: a large pendulum clock exactly in the center of it. Arthur entered and took a good look of it. It was one of those clock nearly tall like a man, with a big round clock just at the height of his face and the pendulum in the lower part, protected by a glass. He could tell it’s pretty old and that was probably the reason it was not-functioning. Both pointers were stopped on the number 12. He tried to move them but they were too heavy or too rusty, so he gave up.

He got out of the room and closed the door behind him, passing at the only other door in this floor. it opened on his own when he arrived in front of it. With a suspicious expression he took a look inside.


The room was red, completely red. The floor covered in dead bodies, the walls painted in red blood, the smell so strong that made him sick, instead than making him hungry. He took a step back, face paler than his normally white colour.

Suddenly a loud noise behind made him turn quickly, his cane high in front of him for defence, his fangs shining, ready for strike. But there was absolutely nothing.
He looked around, but he couldn’t find nothing or anyone that could have made that noise. He looked back inside the room.
And fell on the floor completely stunned.

Empty. Completely, utterly empty.

There was nothing in the room. no blood, no bodies, no smell. Like they were never existed.

What THE BLOODY HELL is happening here?!

Then a scream ripped trough the mansion. That voice…it couldn’t be…



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Re: House of danger and death

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