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Hp/Hetalia OC

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Character's name: Amelia Jones

Country of origin: America

Year: Fourth year.

House: Gryffindor.

Amelia is often as cheerful as she can possibly be; very rarely is it ever a front, and can occasionally be a bit obnoxious in her innocent optimism. She laughs at inappropriate times and has a terrible sense of humor. She thinks puns are hilarious and used to make them constantly as a child until one of her older cousins jinxed her face to grow a pimple every time she made one. Even though her mother removed it she hasn’t made a pun since.

She has a tough skin and courageous front, but once all the lights are out she likes to hide in the comfort of her bed. Her courage begets curiosity and she often sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong, a problem which only increased as she grew older. Amelia can be quite insightful to the way others are feeling, but will often act oblivious unless she can tell the situation calls for a more serious demeanor (and even then she might still act obnoxious oblivious if the situation is uncomfortable). She absolutely loves to give advice out to anyone (wanted or not) and wants to help solve all problems that arise; like everyone’s personal hero. Being serious, however, is not her forte and she will avoid it at all costs.

Amelia absolutely loves to fly and has been dying to play Quidditch since she was a child. Flying the only time she ever feels completely free and relaxed and she prefers to do it alone so she can let herself go. Of course Amelia also has a strong competitive streak and this combined with her love of flying draws her towards Quidditch. Unfortunately at her American Academy there were no open spots and so she was forced to watch from the sidelines.

Amelia has chin-length blonde hair held back by two red triangle hair clips; if she doesn’t bother to do anything fancy with it, it will remain wavy bordering on curly. Her skin tone is a natural light tan in the summer, but mellows out to be pale in the winter when she is outside much less. Her eyes are a striking bright blue that have been compared to the sky, the ocean, and Mtn Dew Voltage. She just calls them blue.

In the summer time, North Carolina’s weather is hot and muggy and as a result Amelia absolutely abhors clothing. She will wear as little as possible which usually means short-shorts, mini skirks, bikinis and tank-tops. She is very confident in her self-image and likes to show off the body she is proud of. In the winter, because it gets so cold, she tends to wear as many layers as possible. Jeans, sweatpants, sweaters, hoodies, and turtlenecks are all frequently worn.

Amelia doesn’t like to wear school uniforms because she thinks they stifle her creativity, but she’ll wear them with only minimum complaint. Of course that doesn’t mean she won’t roll up the skirt so it’s shorter. In the winter, when school is usually held, robes are her best friend and she definitely won’t be found without one. They’re warm and comfortable and perfect for catching naps in the back of History class.

★ Even though she is skinny, she absolutely loves eating.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Half-blood.

★Charms, Care of Magical Creatures

★The dark
★Spiders (most bugs, really)

★Doesn’t know when to stop talking
★Unintentionally rude
★Terrible at transfiguration
★Easily bored

★Will eat just about anything
★Assumes everyone is her friend automatically
★Talks loudly

★Potions (though she is only all right at it because she follows simple instructions and that’s it)
★Cooking (same as potions)
★Spring (it’s not too cold and not too hot!)
★American National Quidditch Team

★History (it’s so long and boring)
★Rats (her tea cups always have rat tails in Transfiguration)
★Divination (she thinks it’s a bunch of bull)
★When people don’t like her for unfounded reasons

Your Character's backstory:
Before Amelia was born there was a great rift in her family. Upon graduating from Norwood Academy for Witches and Wizards in Maine, her mother, Caroline Miller, moved out to California to live with the large magical community in San Francisco. There she met a muggle firefighter by the name of Timothy Jones in an unfortunate house fire accident. She brought cookies to the station to thank them and he asked her on a date. They quickly fell in love and decided to marry, much to his family’s dismay. They completely rejected the idea of him marrying a witch and so couple moved back to North Carolina where Caroline’s family resided.

Amelia was born just two years later, and at first she seemed completely normal. Caroline would have been lying if she said she wasn’t just a bit disappointed, but because Amelia’s father was a muggle it was highly possible that Amelia was too. It wasn’t until her fourth birthday and a call from Amelia’s preschool saying that Amelia’s hair had somehow turned pink did Caroline learn that she was indeed a witch. She was thrilled and Amelia was signed up to attend the same school as her mother.

There were more small incidents after that day, and even once when she was seven Amelia managed to get her mother’s wand and accidentally burned all of the fur off the family cat (“I just wanted to make her purple, I swear!”). Amelia learned the use of owls and delighted in sending letters to her Grandparents. A whole new world was opened up for her insatiably curious mind.

Her childhood was an incredibly happy one. It bothered her that her father’s family didn’t want to meet her, as it would with any child, but she received so much love from her parents and her mother’s side that she usually forgot all about their existence. At the age of five she was given a toy broomstick that was bewitched to buzz about a foot off the ground. That kick-started a life-long love for flying that was only fueled when she was ten and one of her older cousins taught her to actually fly on a his broomstick.

By her Father’s insistence she stayed in the muggle school to learn basic math, science, writing skills, and history. He knew that once she turned eleven her focus would be on the magical world, but he wanted her to be proud of her non-magical heritage as well. After school her mother would pick her up and she was permitted to go into the Wizarding Market where their bank, shops, restaurants, and anything else a wizard needed was. There she would snoop around her mother’s potions store.

The only thing she was proud of more than her magic was the fact that her father was a “real life hero”. He was a firefighter, and even though her magical cousins often laughed at the idea she was proud of her dad for helping people in need. She will proudly proclaim the fact that her dad’s job is to be a hero is everyone, wizard or not.

We Just Got A Letter:
Eleven years was the standard age all witches and wizards were to start attending magic school. There were several Wizarding Schools in America because of its size, two on the east coast, two on the west coast, and three in the Midwest. The one Amelia’s mother wanted her to attend was the oldest school, founded when Maine was just an empty part of the colony of Massachusetts. Simply placing a child’s name on their list doesn’t always guarantee entry, which is why on Amelia’s eleventh birthday her mother kept glancing out the window nervously.

“Ma, relax!” Amelia grinned as she haphazardly placed sugar shapes on her birthday cake. “It’ll come! It has to. ‘Cause I’m a witch and I’m gonna be the best!” She grinned at her mother, showcasing her shiny teeth.

“Of course, of course. I’m worrying over nothing.” Caroline sighed and placed eleven candles on the cake and set it in the fridge for after dinner that night. Eager to wait for her Grandparents gift by owl, Amelia ran out of the open kitchen door, bumping head first into an owl that was trying to get in at the same time. Excitedly she pulled back, assuming it was the much desired present from her grandparents. Instead she found a very thick envelope tied to its ankle. She carefully pulled the envelope off and ran inside, waving it around.

“Mom, mom! Look, I told’ja it would come!” Amelia tore open the envelope and read the first line out loud. “Dear Amelia Jones, we would like to inform you that you have been accepted to Norwood School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Her mother clapped excitedly and reached down to take the letter and quickly read the rest. Together they called her father at work and made plans the next day to visit the market and buy her things.

Along with her school supplies Amelia bought a white maine coon cat instead of an owl (if she needed to send a letter she would use the schools) and as a late birthday gift, recieved a Cleansweep Eleven (which was destined to forever stay at home as children who weren’t on a school Quidditch team weren’t permitted to have their own).


At the goodbye Banquet at the end of her third year, Amelia and her fellow students were informed of exchange students being sent to the infamous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland. Amelia was an average student, not terrible but also not excellent, so she brushed the announcement off, assuming that they would select someone with more talent than her.

When the owl arrived holding a school envelope she assumed it was the information for her fourth year at Norwood. She opened it to glance at the book list but what she saw was the Hogwarts seal rather than her own school. Immediately she ran to find her mother, waving the letter in Caroline’s face at such a speed that the woman couldn’t possibly see what it was.
“Ma, ma, lookit this!” Amelia grinned and finally stopped waving the parchment. “It’s from Hogwarts! I’ve been selected to go as the exchange student from Norwood!” Caroline’s eyes widened and she took the letter from her daughter, reading over it quickly.

“Amelia, that’s fantastic! We have so much to do now, you need new robes and we have to get a passport, and oh my lord this is wonderful!” Amelia rushed off to send an owl to her grandparents and friends while her mother called her father at the fire station.
Sooner than Amelia thought she was loaded onto a plane with her cat and trunk and sent off to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her mother told her that if she wanted, she could return for major holidays like Christmas, but if she preferred to stay at Hogwarts they wouldn’t mind. After all, it was a brand new experience in a brand new place.

The Sorting:
Amelia was nervous from the moment she boarded her plane, to the imposing Hogwarts Express, the magically drawn carriages (she heard an older student talking about scary looking horses but she did her best to control her breathing and ignore it), and finally to the moment where she stood in the entrance area outside the Great Hall with who she could only assume were the other exchange students.

They were all shuffled in and their names were called one by one, some going faster than others. The hat that was placed upon each student’s head was tattered, old, and funny looking (at least in her opinion) and she had to refrain deeply from making a ‘thinkin’ cap’ joke. The sorting at her school were definitely not as odd as this, the students took aptitude tests that determined what subject they would be best in and they were sorted that way. Finally it was her turn and she bounced up to the chair and proudly sat, waiting for the cap to come down on her head.

Well, well, well, what have we here. . .

The voice that suddenly appeared in her mind startled Amelia and made her jump. It was a talking hat! This was the coolest way to sort students ever.

There is quite a bit of courage here, though a bit too much curiosity. . .that could lead you to places you shouldn’t go. . . The hat mused aloud in her head and Amelia’s cheeks puffed in a pout.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know stuff!” She tried to whisper it to the hat so the others wouldn’t laugh at her.

How true. That thinking would send you to Ravenclaw, if only you applied yourself. . .

“Aw, man, but studying is the least fun thing I could do!”

Is that so? Very well then. . .better be. . . “GRYFFINDOR.” The hat bellowed its final decision, startling Amelia once again. It was pulled off of her head and she ran off towards the table that was yelling and cheering the loudest.

Name: Kat! It’s a nickname, but the one everyone uses.
Tell us a little about yourself: I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter since it first came out. . .and. . .clearly I like hetalia too. Uhm. /boring.
Anything else?
My favourite color is yellow! But sometimes blue or red. It changes. My dorm colours are blue.

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Re: Hp/Hetalia OC

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Character's name: Daniel Héderváry

Country of origin: Hungary

Year: Fifth

House: Gryffindor


Daniel is an outgoing, friendly and funny guy, although once in a while he needs some time alone, away from everyone else. He loves teasing people who are close to him and he is prone to taking it over the top, therefore people tend to misunderstand and, after some time, avoid him. He prefers to hide his true emotions from the world, showing a mask of confidence and carelessness.

He can be perceptive but when it comes to people's emotions (especially concerning him) he can be pretty oblivious. Daniel hates hurting or betraying others but has no qualms against some good-natured pranks. He is quite smart and he knows it. His mental capacity is large and he thinks of it as his best trait. Daniel is in no way vain but he doesn't care much about his appearance.

He doesn't hold grudges as it takes a lot to make him hate someone--which has only happened twice in his life. He is extremely competitive and hates losing.


Daniel is quite tall for his age. He is not overly muscular, but not thin either. He is somewhat wiry. He has light-brown, shoulder-length hair, which he usually keeps tied in a ponytail at his nape, green eyes and mildly tan skin.
He is usually wearing comfortable clothes, jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, etc. He hates wearing ties and can't tie them for his life.


Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Unknown.

- Does extremely well in most major classes (Charms, Transfiguration, etc.)
- Likes doing sports, muggle and wizarding ones alike
- Loves reading
- Is very clever
- Despite sometimes talking a lot, he is a very good listener
- Is hard to really rile up
- Extremely loyal to his friends

- Hates studying, he'd much rather get by with what he learns during the lessons
- Doesn't like Potions
- Thinks Divination is a load of ....
- Tends to over think things
- Is extremely curious
- Is sometimes misunderstood as someone insensible and mean
- Heights ( except during Quidditch)
- Losing someone close to him
quirks, etc.:
- Daydreams a lot
- Plays with his hair

- Basketball, Swimming, Football, and Quidditch
- Reading
- Conversing with people
- Animals
- Sweets
- People with good sense of humor
- Charms and Ancient Runes
- Pranks

- Potions and Divination
- Stuck-up people
- Boring lectures
- Homework
- Bullies
- Whining
- People who think themselves smarter than him

Your Character's backstory:

Ilona and Ferenc Tóthvárady were a part of the small community of Hungarian witches and wizards. Both were teachers in the only Wizarding School of Hungary, a small institute located in the Northern part of the country. Their marriage was a happy and peaceful one, with only one thing missing: a child. Try as they might, Ilona could never get pregnant. They tried everything, even using the concoctions of the famous Hungarian Healer Semmelweis, but nothing seemed to work.

One day, as they were strolling through the woods surrounding the School, they heard a cry coming from just outside the barrier surrounding the school. As Ilona was a compassionate woman, she couldn't help but check the source of the noise, her husband faithfully following.

Neither expected what they found. In a small, woven basket they found a little baby, crying. Covering the baby's legs was a small cloth with a name embroidered in it with blue thread. Ilona hushed the baby and picked it up before heading back to the school with her husband and their little find.

They have tried for months to find the baby's parents, but with no success. And instead of sending the little thing into an orphanage, the two decided to raise it as if it were their own.

Their mysterious child, their son: Daniel Héderváry.

Because they did not know whether or not Daniel was a wizard, they sent him to a muggle elementary school nearby; and his performance there couldn't have made them any prouder.

But they were still hoping, hoping for Daniel to be a true part of their world.

On his tenth birthday their dreams came true. Daniel was sent home from school for painting all the rubbish bins in the classrooms green--and while Daniel pleaded innocent and told them he hadn't done anything, they knew what it truly was.

Quite impressive accidental magic.

And thus came the time for some long-overdue explanations.

That day Daniel was told all about the wizarding world he was now part of. He was also told of his past, and he took it all extremely well. He was much more interested in the wizarding world than his past, surprising his parents. When they asked if he was angry with them for keeping it a secret, he just shrugged and said: 'Even if you aren't my blood parents, for me you are my real parents' and proceeded to ask more about wizards, witches and magic. Although he meant every word of what he said, from that day on Daniel found himself wondering once in a while about his real parents and their reason for abandoning him.

When he was eleven he got his letter to the school.

During his four years spent in the school he was always number one in his grade, excelling in all his classes, although nothing seemed to be able to cure his irrational hatred of Potions.

We Just Got A Letter:

It didn't take anyone by surprise when Daniel got his letter, but they were all ecstatic nonetheless. Daniel couldn't stop staring at the precious piece of parchment, the evidence of his magical blood, for a good 40 minutes. After he had stopped staring, he immediately dragged his parents to the capital, wanting to buy all his necessities as soon as possible.

The shopping district for wizards in Hungary was located in the heart of the János Hill in Budapest. One had to go all the way to the hill's top and touch the Liberty Statue with their wand, and the passage to the district was revealed. When he entered the district for the first time, Daniel wished he had a few additional pairs of eyes. Various shops, ranging from tailors, pharmacies, broom shops, and others, selling everything and anything a wizard could need.

By the end of the day Daniel and his parents were loaded with shopping bags. He had his brand new robes, cauldron, scale, wand (rosewood, 13¾ inches, Thestral tail hair), and his new pet (a Turkish Van, since his mother was allergic to dogs) on his shoulder. With all these necessities bought, Daniel felt ready to start his career as a student in a school of magic.

It was on a rainy Wednesday morning not so long ago that a small freshman interrupted his last Potions class and told the teacher the Headmaster wanted to talk to Daniel Héderváry. Eager to escape his most hated class, Daniel waited for the teacher's approval before quickly packing his bag and exiting the classroom.

When he stepped out of the Headmaster's office half an hour later, Daniel couldn't help but let out a loud whoop of joy. He couldn't believe it! He was chosen to go to Hogwarts! To HOGWARTS! One of the best wizarding schools of the world! Without thinking much of the consequences, he ran straight into his mother's classroom and threw himself at her, all the while chanting 'I'm going to Hogwarts, I'm going to Hogwarts!'; much to the other students' amusement and envy.

That evening the three of them had a feast. Both of his parents were extremely proud of him, and while they were going to miss him, they knew they couldn't let him pass up such a great opportunity.

The letter he got from Hogwarts was framed and is still hanging in his room, right above his bed.

The Sorting:

Daniel couldn't help but feel queasy. While the train ride was interesting and he had made some new friends (or at least acquaintances) and the castle was magnificent and there were so many ghosts, much more than at home, he couldn't concentrate on any of these.

He had no stage-fright, but standing in front of the entire student body, in the midst of a bunch of first years and some older exchange students like himself, Daniel felt nervous and a bit sick to the stomach. He understood all these older, foreign exchange students must have been pretty interesting but did they have to stare like that?!

He took a quick breath to calm himself. There was no reason to be nervous, right?

"Héderváry, Daniel!"

Oh God, it was already his turn?

He made his way slowly towards the chair and the withered hat sitting on top of it. So this was the famous Sorting Hat he had read about.

Daniel gulped. In Hungary they had no Houses and no sorting; they were merely randomly put in classes. He had read about this ceremony, of course. He was merely supposed to put the Hat on and it will tell him his House, right?


He sat on the chair and slowly put the Hat on his head.

'Well, well, what have we here?'

Daniel shuddered at the unexpected voice.

'A great deal of brains and a healthy amount of thirst of knowledge. Great material for Ravenclaw. But wait. Is it? Oh, yes, loyalty, bravery! Stubborn, competitive. And also a great want of proving yourself. Wherever should I put you? I believe the best would be...'


Daniel grinned at the cheering table of his housemates. He placed the Hat back on the chair and made his way towards the Gryffindor table, finding himself already liking the Hat's choice.

Name: I'm Vicky, pleased to meet you^^
Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm 17 and I live in Hungary. English is only my second language, but I have been learning it since elementary and I hope my skills are enough for this RP. Currently I am a student in high school. I study Biology and Chemistry on an advanced level and I hope to become a doctor one day:)
I love History, and that's probably why I love Hetalia so much. I am a bookworm, and Harry Potter is one of my favorites:)
Anything else?
My favorite color is green.


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