Creepy Korean Comic + Translation

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Creepy Korean Comic + Translation

Post by StarQBAlfredJones on Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:41 pm

Alright, guys, this is a Korean comic that my friend translated, so please, thank her for it. XD
THIS IS A REALLY ROUGH TRANSLATION. So some parts are missing. We'll try to fill them in later. <3

Here is the comic:


Title: [She's not sure, but it's some kind of spirit haunting that city]

THIS IS A STORY MADE INTO A COMIC [right under title]

Panel 1:
That time that night was around 11:20 PM
I was at school talking with people (there's a more specific translation but idk how to explain it) and I was returning home around that time.
But, the day after, the person disappeared. Even now, at night time, around my apartment, you could see swarms of people around the area.

Panel 2:
Anyway, even with a shitload of people around the area, I still was walking around the place with a fearful heart.

Panel 3:
I saw a figure of a person walking towards me.
I was sure there had been no one else in front of me.

Panel 3.5 [the black part]:
Who was in front of me...?

Panel 4:
Some girl was walking in front of me.
But her appearance was a bit strange.
Her body seemed very uncomfortable and awkward...
Moaning as she did, she continued to walk down the streets.

Panel 5 to 8 [one where you see the main girl from the front]:
Because of the way she was walking, I was able to catch up to her pretty quickly.
[twisted person's back]:
As I got closer, I realized that her body was much more twisted then I thought.

Panels 9 through 19:

Panel 20:
[shocked girl's face]
~Not sure what the translation here is~

Panel 21:
[twisted person's question]

Panel 22:
Even though the answer to this girl's question was long gone...

Panel 23:
*sigh* ...Even when I think about it now, I still don't know how I answered the question.
*sound effect: Swallow*

Panel 24:

Panel 25:
Using the best of what I had learned in speaking, I answered her question...

Panel 26:
"There's your baby."

Panel 26.5 [black part]:
In that split moment, the girl ran towards the area, much faster then she had been running before.

Panel 27:
As soon as the girl was gone, I started to shake like crazy...

Panel 28:
Soon enough the girl was far away, to the point where I couldn't see her.

Panel 29:

Panel 30:
*more feet*
[black part]: Scared that the girl might appear in front of me again, I turned and ran for my apartment as fast as I could.

Panel 31 & 32:
[middle part]: I couldn't even think straight, no thoughts were running through my head.
I just wanted to get to an area where there were a lot of people...
*running feet*

Panel 33:
[words in black]: In that moment...
[words in red]: MY BABY IS NOT HERE!
[regular words]: Even from far away, I could hear her roar of anger.

Panels 34 to 40:
*Twisted person*

Panel 41 [girl's mouth open in scream]:
...I don't remember what happened afterwards...
I fainted...and a man had taken me all the way back to my apartment...

Panel 42 [picture with apartments]:
In the year 2007, in a district of Seoul, KwanAk, and more specifically, the city of Bong Chun, there was a case of a 33 year old woman named Jung Mo-Shi who had commited suicide and died instantanously.
The woman, due to a messy divorce she had with her husband, who also had taken custody of their two month daughter, in the end commited suicide.

Panel 43 [picture of broken legs]:
There were many witnesses to this incident in this apartment area when she commited suicide.
She wears the same clothes she was wearing when she died, her body bent at an odd angle and always bare foot, walking, walking, and asking that question over and over again.


NOTE: If you want any more creepy Korean comics translated, let me know, so my friend and I can work on them. <3

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