Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:04 am

¨Yeah, you´ll definitely need money to go shopping,¨ Demy brought out a few coins and bills from his pocket, ¨normal people get money by working. They get a job, which earns them a steady paycheck, and when they cash it, they can get money, or, as you like to call them, the shiny coins. Coins won´t get you much in terms of food, or anything really. People like the green leaves, more, which we call bills. The American currency is called the dollar.¨ He picked up USD 1, handing it to Arthur carefully. ¨That´s one dollar. The reasons and ways in which bills became more important than coins is a long story, one I´ll tell you another day, okay? Right now, we sort of need to teach you the basics of being a New Yorker, and that first thing should be reading and writing. Because, you want to earn the shiny things, right? So you´ll want a job. And to get one, you´ll need to read and write. Now, I´m gonna go get ready for the day. Ya´ll finish up eating, and when you´re done, just put it on the sink. I´ll throw it into the dishwasher later...¨

And with that, he was gone. He walked out a few minutes later and sat on the sofa in the living room to wait for the others to arrive so they could leave. Bored of his looks already, he had decided to lose the glasses. His eyesight had returned to normal for the most part, though he was sure his little trip to heaven had left him permanently impaired and he would likely have to wear them again once his eyes began to protest and water. But he sat on the couch, hair dyed a brilliant shade of ebony, which contrasted nicely with his blue eyes.

(It seemed blondes had gone out of style, and both girls and guys were into the tall-dark-handsome-mysterious type, all of which he could pull off, and would. He needed to eat, after all.)

He just sat there, wearing a pair of faded and loose jeans, one of his favorites, and a white button shirt, which he had only buttoned half-way, leaving parts of his chest exposed, especially the curve of his sternum where his shoulders met and neck began to rise and fall with each breath.

¨Arthur! Alfred! Hurry up, or else we´re not going to get any shopping done!¨ he complained, huffing as he stared down at the time.

(So I was going to have Demy go into a short history of economics and explain the concept of value, the gold standard and everything, but I am still a bit tired from being at airports and in airplanes all day, so I think that will be a lesson left for another day. Or during the actual shopping trip. Wanda, go! And then we can send this to Hunny. C=)


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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Wanda on Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:10 am

Alfred began to gather up the dishes and put them in the sink.

When the last dish was in the sink, the wanderer walked into the living room and almost took a double take at Demy's hair color.

Huh, black hair looked good on him. ...Danger, danger! Disturbing thoughts were incoming, he mentally punched his mind before it could go any farther.

"My... you look good Demy, I wondered how Arthur will react," Frank smirked before he grumbled as he followed Alfred into the living room, "I wish I can go with you three, but... I don't think they will allow a dog into the stores. Although.... hm." The pug started to think.

"You know... we should get you a collar and a leash soon." Alfred grinned at Frank.

Frank looked up at Alfred with a glare, "NO! I'm not going to wear a collar EVER."

The wanderer laughed and barely contained his excitement about seeing more the New York and the world before... 'hell' come in form of nuclear war.

(So... i wasn't to sure if I should do the jump to the store or Demy or whatever, so... ya got this.

*goes to email this and Demy's reply to Hunny*)

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Wanda on Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:34 am

(Don't mind me! I just posting this for Hunny until she can starting posting again on her own.)

Money, huh? Arthur took the objects handed to him and examined them properly. The one he called a coin was small and silvery, with some raised markings. The dollar was less like a leaf than he originally thought; it was perfectly rectangular and neatly cut, with realistic drawings of some symbols and pictures. He didn't quite understand what Demy meant by paycheck and cash, but he supposed he could ask later.

Arthur finished eating almost as soon as Demy left to get ready, and thanked Alfred as he took the plates away. He stood and stretched, looking around. He remembered all of what the little things were called, thankfully, so he was much less lost this morning than he had been yesterday. He reminded himself again to ask how everything worked; it would be embarrassing to break something of Demy's, since he was only a guest.

"Excuse me," he said as he walked into the living room to join Alfred and Demy. "What are- oh. That's, erm... different."

Instead of his usual golden locks, Demy had thick black hair that contrasted beautifully with his skin. He had lost the clear coverings over his eyes and had changed clothing again, his trousers faded and baggy and his shirt open to expose his chest. It was more than different; it was a total change, and Arthur wondered how a small difference in colour could change everything completely.

Also- he didn't look like his Alfred anymore. His face was the same, his eyes just as blue- especially now that they were uncovered. But his hair was dark, unlike the sunny blond of the man he had known, and now Arthur was struck by the differences in their looks. The features were almost exactly alike but Demy's expression was somehow not the same. There was a hint of mischief and worldliness in his kind face that had never been in his Alfred's, and a certain knowing quirk to his smile. Even sitting down, his posture was different, just as proud but somehow more confident, the stance of a fighter who knew he truly had nothing to fear.

Demy was beautiful in his own right, something that Arthur hadn't given him enough credit for.

Stop right there, he thought, panicking. You mustn't think of him that way. "It's..." he tried again. "It's a very nice look on you," he finished lamely.

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Wanda on Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:19 am

Alfred and Frank looked at Arthur then at each other, Frank turned his smirk at Arthur, "Yes... it's a very nice look on him."

Since, Demy doesn't actually looked to much like Alfred and Arthur's Alfred... oh, aha. The neanderthal isn't seeing his Alfred anymore on Demy and see Demy for his own self. If he wasn't still sure that there was a train-wreck coming, he would actually be tempted to join Frank in smirking.

"Everyone is ready, yes?"

Frank still grumbled about the fact he can't come on, "I will see you guys later."

Or he will follow them, whatever happens first.

The wanderer took in the sights of New York city, looking everywhere and taking it to memory. It may be a long time before he would ever see anything like this from where he come from.

Alfred stopped near a very huge store name Fao Schwarz, he looked at it wonder, "What this store?" He stepped closer to get a better look at it, "A toy sore?"


What the heck?

He stepped into the toy store and tried to fight down his awe at the inside. He noticed the aisle called Video Games and smiled

Alfred turned to look at Demy and Arthur, "I think I will be looking at video games! I wanna see what they have."

(...did Fallout 'verse even have video games? *ponders*)

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Wanda on Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:54 am

(...So, erm. Pardon the four posts. XD)

Arthur blushed at Frank's comment, though he decided to refrain from speaking. It seemed that Frank had easily cottoned on to his thoughts, and anything he said next could only incriminate him further. He hoped Alfred hadn't noticed anything, though if this one was anything like the one he had known then he shouldn't have anything to worry about.

"Everyone is ready, yes?" Alfred asked, and Arthur nodded in response, feeling a little sorry for Frank when he grumbled that he'd meet them later. However, he didn't mind so much; he was still rather uncomfortable with the idea of talking animals, though he supposed he'd have to get used to that if they all talked now.


Arthur looked curiously around the city as they walked along, resisting the urge to hold on to Demy's or Alfred's sleeve so that he wouldn't get lost in the crowd of people. There were so many more men and women than he was used to, and he was beginning to feel a little anxious. At least this time he fit in more, though there were still some people staring at him- in a good way or bad way, he couldn't tell, though it was most likely the latter.

They stopped in front of what he supposed was what they called a store, though it wasn't like any store he had ever seen before. His tribe would store food sometimes, wrapped in skin and leaves, in satchels that they wore across their bodies; he reckoned now people had so many things that they had to keep them in large buildings.

"What's this store?" he heard Alfred ask in amazement. "A toy store?"

Arthur raised his eyebrows. He'd had a toy once, something his mother had sewn for him once from the spare scraps of animal furs after she had taught him to make his own clothes. It had been a thin, ragged little thing with the vague shape of a man, but Arthur had cherished it and kept it in a special pouch in his clothes at all times. He wondered sadly where it had gone; had Demy also accidentally transformed it?

"But he gave me a unicorn toy," he muttered to himself under his breath, smiling slightly. A toy that was soft and fat and clean, with different colours and even a face.

He entered the store, gasping in amazement at the contents. There were toys of all shapes and sizes, and even toys that all looked exactly the same. How many people had slaved away to make these?

Alfred turned excitedly to them, grinning. "I think I will be looking at video games! I wanna see what they have!"

Video games? How could people trade games? What was a video? Arthur took a step to follow him but held back, looking at Demy questioningly. "Where should I go?" He didn't want to get lost, not with this many people inside, and though he desperately wanted to know what video games were he didn't exactly want to leave the person who seemed to know the most about this city.

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:46 am

"Where should I go?" Arthur whispered so softly, almost lost.

Demy wasn´t sure that he was comfortable leaving Arthur to wander around the toy store on his own, not one as large as three full floors. To be fair, he wasn´t particularly comfortable leaving Wanda to wander on his own either, but somehow Wanda seemed more city-savvy than perhaps Arthur would ever be, and at least Wanda could read and write and that alone could help him find his way around the store. Besides, he would have to drag Arthur to the second floor anyway. That´s where the children and first-learner books were located--somewhere close to Barbie world and the iconic giant piano, which he would definitely drag Wanda and Arthur to, even if it meant waiting in line for an hour! There were so many things he wanted to show his little Neanderthal. For Arthur, everything would be new and exciting, much like a young child´s first visit to a toy store.

"Come on, I´ll show you around," he smiled, extending out his hand to Arthur for him to take. He nodded his head, pointing in the direction of the giant plushies. The Neanderthal´s hand felt warm against his cold skin, and he enjoyed wrapping his palm around the other´s hands, their fingers barely twining. It was a friendly gesture, really. Besides, this could be a learning opportunity for Arthur. They passed by a large display of giant plushies--a life-sized giraffe, lion, and zebra stared down at them. "These are modern animals. A giraffe--they have long necks. A lion--if you ever see one of those loose, run. They are carnivorous. And a zebra--like the giraffe, it looks sort of like a horse, only zebras are shorter, stripped, don´t have extremely long necks, ya know?"

Demy watched from the corner of his eye as Arthur stared in wonderment at all the plushies and toys. A few children ran past them, and Demy almost lost his footing, but he regained it, laughing. Along the way, they walked past a long line of plushies that led towards the Muppets corner. There, Demy let go of Arthur´s hand momentarily to talk to a nearby saleslady. A cute young woman with silver blonde hair and bright pink cheeks giggled constantly, barely catching his flirting, though still giving off a high number of pheromones. Demy turned to look at Arthur for a moment, just to make sure he was still around, staring at the Muppets.

But suddenly, Arthur seemed to have dissapeared. Demy´s eyes scanned the entire first-floor, searching him out between the giant plushies, near the cashiers, by the delicious candies and the stairs. No sign of Arthur, and his heart was beginning to feel like it was being squeezed and released over and over until he couldn´t breath. What was that strange emotion he felt in his chest? His Neanderthal was gone!

"Sir, calm down, I am sure we´ll find him..." the young woman tried to keep him calm, her smile slowly fading. A part of Demy was tempted to grab her walkie-talkie and sent out all troops in search of his little blonde-green-eyed Neanderthal, but that would probably mean he´d get kicked out of the toy store, and that was the last thing he needed. What had compelled him to ever think letting go of Arthur´s hand would be a good idea?

He could have cared less. Her cuteness had melted for him, and faded just as quickly. What if Arthur had walked out? Right outside of the toy store was one of the most famous Apple stores in the United States. The New York Apple Store was iconic thanks to its glass exterior and glass, cylindrical elevator. "You don´t understand... He... Arthur... damn it," he sighed, rushing over to the front desk at the Muppet shack. Arthur wouldn´t have known how to deal with the crowd outside. He was likely confused by the crowd inside the giant toy store. Or, maybe he had wandered off to look at some of the plushies? Had he gone in search of Wanda to the second floor? He jumped on top of the wooden contraption, almost knocking off a replica of Kermit the Frog, looking out towards the crowd of people. A few adults stopped their shopping, staring at him curiously. Some children seemed amused by him, looking for their own little spot to perch on. "Arthur! Arthur! Come back right now!"

When had he started taking care of a five-year-old?


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Post by Guest on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:52 am

Arthur had never seen so many toys together in the same place in his life. He followed Demy with wide eyes, grasping his hand tightly- normally he would be embarrassed by his childish behaviour, but he truly did not want to get lost in this gigantic store.

He stared, amazed, at the toys representing the modern animals. The lion looked nothing so fierce as a sabre-tooth, and of course the giraffe was nothing compared to a mammoth, but they were fascinating nonetheless. He made a mental note to ask Demy how to effectively kill them if he ever came across one; he most certainly would not <i>run</i> unless he was at a severe disadvantage.

Demy let go of his hand, much to his surprise, and headed over to a rather pretty girl with rosy cheeks. Oh, of course. Arthur fought to keep the hurt off his face, and he was pretty sure he was successful as no one even gave him a second glance- and somehow, that was even worse.

He should get out. Demy obviously didn't need him here; maybe he even considered him a burden. He looked around, trying to spot Alfred in the crowd. A head of golden hair caught his eye and he sighed in relief, walking quickly over to him. Alfred was nearing the exits, and Arthur wondered where he was going. Perhaps he hadn't been satisfied with the video games? Either way, he was going to catch up to him.

"Alfred!" Arthur said, grabbing his sleeve just as they exited the store. "Alfred, where are you-" He turned around, and to his shock Arthur realised it wasn't even Alfred at all.

"O-Oh, oh no, I am so, so sorry," he stuttered, blushing madly in embarrassment. The man looked nothing like Alfred, brown eyes instead of blue, face slightly younger- a young adult or an older teenager as well, but definitely lacking the maturity that even Alfred's face held. The colours of their hair and clothing were similar, though now Arthur couldn't imagine how he had ever confused the two. "I thought you were someone I knew."

The man looked him up and down. "Yeah, figured that. You lost or something?"

"No!" Arthur denied, blushing again, then thinking better of it. "Well. Perhaps a little. I've lost my companions and I'm not exactly sure where I'm meant to go. I'm not very familiar with this place. Could you help me?" He seemed nice enough- also, most other people he met and spoke to in his wanderings were rather friendly, understanding the need to stick together to survive, with the exception of his Alfred's tribe. He hoped the people in this huge settlement would be the same.

The man looked surprised at his question, then grinned. "Yeah, sure. I'm Alex."


"Nice to meet you, Arthur." His smile widened. "You don't have your phone on you then, so you can't text them? I don't come here much so I don't really know all about it, but you wanna see if they have, like, a paging system or something? 'Cause kids probably get lost there all the time, you know."

"A what?" Arthur asked faintly. There was so much about this place he didn't understand, and Alex may as well have been speaking gibberish for all the good it did him.

"Or maybe you wanna ditch them and hang with me, I dunno." Alex shrugged, grin turning sheepish but almost defiant. "I could show you around. Only if you wanna."

Arthur considered this. He had no particular desire to leave, but Alfred was preoccupied with the video games, whatever they were, and Demy was too busy flirting with girls to take any notice. Besides, it was common sense that one had to move around to get what they needed, and Alex seemed willing enough to take him. He wondered if everyone in New York was this nice. "That would be quite lovely, thank you."

Alex smiled and motioned to Arthur to follow him down the street, when suddenly a shout of his name interrupted Arthur's thoughts. He spun around quickly to see Alfred walking towards him worriedly.

"Alfred, there you are!" he exclaimed, frowning at him. "I was looking for you. Did you not like the video games?"


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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Wanda on Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:09 pm

Alfred was looking at the video games curiosity, not caring that he may looked strange. He picked up a game called Fallout: New Vegas and looked at it curiously, he read the back and almost dropped it in shock.

It sound like it was about his own timeline, which.... couldn't be true, right?

...Maybe he should get it and see. But, it's probably just a continence... right?

Wait, didn't he like need something called a console to play the video games? ...And he isn't sure that Demy would have it at his home.

There is no way he would be able to carry everything with his hands, so... he should get a basket or a cart.

On his way to the front doors, he stopped and blinked in surprise. Was that Arthur leaving with a strange man? What the hell is going on? Where was Demy?

"ARTHUR!!!" Alfred walked over quickly toward the neanderthal and was looking worried.

"Alfred, there you are!" he exclaimed, frowning at him. "I was looking for you. Did you not like the video games?"

Looking for him? Did he cause worry for Demy and Arthur? "Sorry if I cause you to worry, and ...I can't carry everything with just my hands so I would need basket or a cart."

Now... for his own questions:

"Now... Where are you going? Where is Demy? And..." Alfred turned his gaze on to the man, "Who is this?"

He wasn't to sure he trust this man...

(HAI GUYS. *is breaking the fourth wall with the fallout games*)

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:58 am

"You don´t understand! Neither of them are qualified to be out there by themselves!" Demy tried to explain for the hundredth time to a security guard that seemed unmoved to help him search for two grown men, and was, instead, focusing all his attention on trying to find a missing seven-year-old. Demy could understand priorities, easily, but he also knew that lost Neanderthal totally trumped lost seven year old.

"Listen, why don´t you have another walk around the store and I will have the cashiers keep an eye out on the door, alright, son?" the security guard tried one last time, still not meeting Demy´s gaze as he continued to type away some report or other about a stolen plushie or whatever.


Demy kicked the corner of the desk on his way out the door, pushing his hands deep into his pockets. Great. No wonder people never trusted Demons. Demy had made Arthur a promise. He was Demy´s responsibility, and now, he was lost, wandering the store probably confused and lonely amidst the large crowds of children and their parents. And now, not only could he not find Arthur, he also couldn´t find Alfred. If he wasn´t so limited in magic reserves, he might try to search them out through those means, but there was little to nothing he could do, and under such circumstances, all he could do was pretend that the clenching in his stomach had nothing to do with worry. Not at all. He was just hungry! Maybe this was for the best, after all. No Neanderthal or traveler from the future? No problem! Demy was now a free Demon, a bachelor without worries or people to take care of and...

... that taste.

He recognized that taste anywhere - raw, almost verging on animalistic energy that sent his senses spiraling in constant flux.

Demy licked his lips, letting his tongue roll over his top palate plate with particular hunger. He sniffed the air a bit more, lightly, just enough to take in the scent, and, almost immediately, he smirked. Oh, so the little Neanderthal was close by? No! No! He had to stop thinking with his stomach. But the stronger the pheromones concentrated in the air, the harder it was to stop himself from wandering through the crowds, cutting between groups of people until near the exit, close to the stairs, he found Arthur, and Alfred, and some guy he didn´t recognize.

Were Arthur´s pheromones directed at... that guy?!

"Arthur! Al!" he yelled over at them, making a beeline for the group of three, and without waiting for even a hello from Arthur, he draped himself over the Neanderthal, dragging his back to press flushed against his chest. Demy simply laid his head on the other´s shoulder, giving the newcomer a frown. "Arthur, don´t just wander around by yourself," the Demon whined, turning him around so that he could stare into the other´s green eyes, "I was so worried... you have any idea all I´ve been through in the last thirty minutes? I thought I was gonna have to call New York City Police!"

And with that, he brought the other into an even tighter hug, making sure to send the blonde stranger behind Alfred plenty of bad vibes. Demy blinked when he felt his vibes be sent back with a strangely protective message, along with his name. So the other blonde was a Demon named Alex? And he had likely already tried, and probably half-succeeded in trying to mark Arthur with his scent. Damned extractor Demons -- they fed off of energy, much like Incubi and Succubae -- but they verged almost on cannibals as they mostly fed from other Demon´s energy, usually using humans as bait relatively easily. Demy immediately stepped back, feeling his arms tingle as he let go of Arthur.

"You bastard! You marked him!" he yelled, taking a quivering step away from Arthur. Already, his head was beginning to spin.

Alex simply smirked, "Hey, we each do what we need to do to eat, don´t we?"


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Hunny's Arthur Post of Awesome - with control of Demy's character for, like, a split second <3 And Alex is a prick. ^^

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:42 am

"Oh, this is Alex." Arthur blushed as he was reminded again how he had mistaken him for Alfred. Really, how had he managed to do that? "Alex, this is Alfred."

"Nice to meet you," Alex said pleasantly enough, though his grin faltered a little.

"Arthur! Al!" Arthur heard Demy yell, and he stiffened in surprise. He was still bitter over being left to fend for himself, but at the same time pleased that he had obviously been thought of as important enough to leave that woman over. He was still deciding whether to turn around or ignore him when Demy suddenly draped himself over him, chin resting on his shoulders and arms pinning his own to his sides.

"Arthur, don't just wander around by yourself," Demy said, spinning him around so they could talk face to face. "I was so worried... you have any idea all I've been through in the last thirty minutes? I thought I was gonna have to call the New York City police!"

Arthur had no idea what 'the police' was, but it obviously wasn't anything good. Was it some sort of punishment? Again, he was given no chance to reply as suddenly he was tugged forward into Demy's chest, wrapped in a tight embrace. "Can't breathe," he gasped out, trying to squirm away.

Almost as soon as he was hugged, however, he was let go. "You bastard, you marked him!" He heard Demy shout at Alex, and his eyes widened. Marked?

"Hey, we each do what we need to do to eat, don't we?" Alex replied with a smirk, and Arthur stepped back in surprise. Was Alex some sort of <i>cannibal?</i> No, he couldn't be, he hastened to assure himself. There was so much food in this time that no one could possibly be forced into that. He must be a demon of some sort- and if he were anything like Demy, he would be quite a harmless feeder.

He yelped in surprise as Demy suddenly swung a fist at Alex, almost knocking the man to the ground. "Demy, stop it!" he cried, but he was ignored as the demon punched Alex again, this time splitting his lip. "You bleeding idiot!" Arthur shouted, grabbing Demy's arm and wrenching it back. "He's done you no harm-"

<i>"Don't touch me,"</i> Demy growled furiously, tugging his hand out of Arthur's grip.

Arthur's lips parted in shock and he took a step back. What was his problem? He had been so nice to him before... Arthur narrowed his eyes, remembering the woman from earlier and Demy's strange episode from last night. So Demy had been lying about taking responsibility for him. He just saw him as some- as some sort of <i>food source</i> that he could abuse however he wanted, flattering him when necessary and leaving him when better prospects came along.

Arthur bit his lip, blinking back the tears that were threatening to spill over and cursing himself for acting like such a child. He felt himself getting angrier- how <i>dare</i> Demy do this to him? <i>He</i> had been the one to accidentally call Arthur from death and into this world where he was as useless as a newborn, <i>he</i> had been the one to promise to take care of him. Arthur had even <i>offered himself</i> as an act of goodwill, grateful for Demy taking him under his wing- and now he was being treated like some sort of possession to be cast aside when it suited him!

"How dare you," he hissed, low and furious, glaring up at Demy. "How dare you <i>use</i> me like this then be disgusted by my very touch? How dare you use <i>his face,</i> you bastard demon-" He lashed out at the demon, but his hand was caught by Alfred and he only managed to scratch Demy's cheek with his nails.

"Hey, hey, chill," Alex said, resting his hands on Arthur's heaving shoulders and rubbing them gently. "There are kids here, we shouldn't be fighting and swearing. Come on, let's get out of here before security comes. Just to the exit," he hastened to assure Demy, who looked livid. "We'll stay in view, I swear. Just go pay for your stuff, Alfred, we'll be right outside."

"Stay here, Demy," Arthur said in a tone that brooked no argument. "And Alex, please don't touch me." Once Alex removed his hands, Arthur nodded in satisfaction. He followed him outside, still trying to control his temper.

"Not the nicest guy around," Alex commented, shrugging. "I guess you can do worse though."

"No, I don't think so. He's a right prick." Arthur closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. The air here was absolutely disgusting, but he was slowly getting used to it and at least here, it was slightly fresher than inside the store. "Haven't exactly got a choice but to keep staying with him, though."

"Well, if it didn't make me sound like a total creep I'd offer my place," he said, grinning then putting his hands up in a gesture of peace when Arthur glared at him. He would have to rethink his cannibal theory if Alex continued like that. "Sorry, is he your boyfriend or something?"

"You're a demon, aren't you?" he asked bluntly, ignoring the question. "Demy said you marked me. What do you feed off?"

Alex looked shocked. "What?"

"Don't bother trying to deny it, there's no use. What do you feed off? Are you like Demy?"

Alex stared at him again, his gaze appraising. "Not exactly. I don't feed off humans. I feed off other demons' energy, which is probably why that guy of yours didn't like me very much. No demon likes us very much, but what can you do when you're born like this, huh?"

Arthur nodded. "I appreciate your honesty, though I ask that you try not to feed off Demy. Can't afford to piss him off, since he's the only one who can help me." He snorted, smiling ruefully at his fate. "I find myself in a rather terrible position."

Alex laughed. "I'll try not to."

Just then Alfred and Demy came into view, expressions unreadable. Arthur smiled and nodded at Alfred in greeting, but gave Demy a withering glare.

"Hey listen, guys, I'm really sorry about earlier, I think we all kinda need a bit of a break. I know this club nearby, really great place to let loose, you know? We should go, we'll all have a good time. Least I can do for being such a jerk is invite you out." Alex grinned sheepishly at all three of them, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand.

"I'm going," Arthur said automatically, leaving no room for protest. "Alfred, you should come. It should be interesting. Don't feel obligated to tag along, Demy; I think Alfred and I can take care of ourselves."


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In Which Alfred tried to be a hero.

Post by Wanda on Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:08 pm

"Nice to meet you, Alex." ...Still don't trust him at all.

Demy soon arrived very worried and hugged Arthur, before he stepped back and scream at the other about marking Arthur.

"Hey, we each do what we need to do to eat, don't we?" Alex replied with a smirk,

First thought was: ANOTHER DEMON!?
Second thought was: What the hell did he eat?

Before Alfred could even ask the new demon what he ate, things went from okay to bad with Demy and Arthur, Alfred grabbed the hand that Arthur lashed at Demy with, "Enough! No fighting, okay? Besides.... maybe the reason Demy doesn't want you to touch him is something to do with this... mark that Alex did."


The train was already nearing it's wrecking site if it hadn't all already wrecked.

"Hey, hey, chill," Alex said, resting his hands on Arthur's heaving shoulders and rubbing them gently. "There are kids here, we shouldn't be fighting and swearing. Come on, let's get out of here before security comes. Just to the exit," he hastened to assure Demy, who looked livid. "We'll stay in view, I swear. Just go pay for your stuff, Alfred, we'll be right outside."


Since Alfred didn't trust the new demon that much, he got the games and consoles quickly. He got the two Fallout games he saw, a game called Pokemon and some other games, he asked quiet enough that only Demy heard him, "That new demon.... he feeds on other demons, right? By what that mark does?" At Demy's nod, he continued on, "...And would you die if you kept a hold on Arthur for a very long time?"

Demy scowled darkly as he replied, "Yes."

The wanderer sighed and bit back a curse, "...Maybe I can offer to be the 'bait' instead? It's not like you will ever feed on me."

While walking to the check out, Alfred gave Demy a small grin, "Maybe after Arthur gets a time to cool down you should perhaps get him a another stuff animal or just another unicorn, that could help you to get in his good graces again. Or perhaps you can do something else."

Or not, who knows for sure?

When they walked out of the store with Alfred's games, Alfred waved at Arthur.

"...Aye, I will come to the club," Alfred said as he turn his gaze on to Alex and narrowed his eyes before he continued, "Hey... Demon... Alex, I wish to talk to you over there." He pointed to a place far enough away that Arthur can't hear them and perhaps Demy.

After Alfred and Alex got to the place, Alfred turned to Alex and said, "If you need someone to mark to be bait for demons, mark me instead of Arthur."

Alex gave Alfred a look and shook his head, "No... I don't see why I should, Demy can feed on other people."

The wanderer sighed and grumbled to himself, "Bah, it was worth a shot."

(...Alfred will make the same offer later on. XD)

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:57 pm

“Arthur, it’s not…” he tried, but Arthur had already walked out the door with Alex by the time Demy had pushed the rest of the words out of his mouth, “what you think.” –He sighed, almost too embarrassed by the display, and watched as Arthur left, pain still traveling all over his body. Really. For once, he was the good guy: the one that didn’t hurt anyone; he hadn’t even fed in the last days! Weeks! And still he’d had his energy stolen twice in two days.

He followed Alfred to the register, pouting. Pretty quickly, his eyebrows furrowed together, turning into a dark scowl on his face, “Yes, he feeds on other Demons. Damn cannibal.” He cursed a bit more under his breathe, handing Alfred a credit card to pay for the games.

Usually Demons like Alex stayed underground. They were tolerated in the context of their world where everyone was kept in relatively well-fed amounts of energy because of the plane at which they existed and co-habited. But, of course, Demons were a roaming kind, and so it was that Demons like Alex ventured out looking for adventure and excitement and preyed on unsuspecting, adorable, naïve little Neanderthals with bushy brows and… and sweet little voices and smiles and… What was that weird dip in his stomach? He’d never felt that before. Like some strange sense of immediate loss that left him vacant—not that vacant was a strange feeling to a Demon. Most were empty in some way or another, but perhaps it was the fact that he felt something drop in that vacancy and hit, hard, right at his gut.

“Don’t even think about it!” Demy warned when Alfred offered to become bait for Alex, “That’s like—that’s noble, but no. Alfred, just don’t… we’ll figure out a way to get Arthur back. I have a feeling Alex’s not going to take his mark off, not even if you offer yourself up to him like that. Come on…”

So it was that with a swirling emptiness, a weak constitution, and a strange desire to murder the other Demon, Demy walked out, or more like limped his way out, watching as Alfred pulled Alex aside for a few minutes. Hearing the conversation thanks to his sensitive hearing, he ground his teeth together. He’d thought he’d let Alfred know—of course Alfred wouldn’t listen. He was a legitimately good person, with honest feelings and a real sense of heroism and naiveté. Arthur… Arthur would be well-off with someone like that.

What was he saying? Arthur had had a lover. An Alfred of his own, someone probably very much like the Alfred now living with them and carrying a bunch of video games. Demy could whisper pretty things in Arthur’s ear: tell him that he’d take care of him, that he was his responsibility, all sorts of flowery language, but at the end of the day, Demy had two conflicting problems: 1) Arthur was a snack, one he would have willingly made a meal of the night before, and 2) Demy felt like he was stepping into someone else’s role, just trying it on for size because he’d never felt needed, or wanted, or much less inspired confidence in anyone. But none of that was in Arthur’s best interest. None of it.

” Don't feel obligated to tag along, Demy; I think Alfred and I can take care of ourselves."

Demy blinked, brought back to the reality of the situation, and back to that feeling of emptiness. There had been such warmth in Arthur’s eyes whenever he looked at him, and now there was such coldness. But Demy was a Demon and he could deal with that. He could. But Arthur wasn’t a Demon—he wasn’t even really human, or he was, but a different breed of human. He was still helpless, much like a newborn. And Alex was going to take advantage of that, and who knew what that would entail for Arthur.

After all, Demons like Alex needed their Bait to attract others. They threw them out at places like Clubs, just waiting for a willing Incubus or Succubus to come dry them out until they were zapped of any energy, and then, then when the Succubus or Incubus had managed to begin feeding, they’d probably fall limp in Arthur’s arms.

Arthur would never be able to handle Demons dying at his hands, night after night, until a Death Demon came and slashed him dead to prevent the further death of other Demons… others like Demy.

“Of course I’m going,” he replied, smirking smugly at Alex, “I know Alfred can take care of himself, but someone’s gotta make sure you’re not swallowed whole by the wolf in sheep’s clothing…”

Alex smiled pleasantly, throwing an arm around Arthur’s shoulders. “Oh, no worries. I can keep him plenty safe… but you look mighty famished. There’ll be plenty of hot, sexy young things there tonight—I’m sure even you can manage to hook up with someone.”

Demy didn't answer. He simply pulled Alfred along. "Let's go home. Arthur, come now... we still gotta buy you clothes, and... stuff... especially if you're going tonight."


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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Arthur the Hunter on Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:35 am

So Demy would be accompanying them. Arthur didn't know whether to grit his teeth or breathe a sigh of relief.

Alex draped an arm over his shoulders, causing him to squeak in surprise and nearly punch him in the stomach for his actions. Thankfully, Arthur managed to restrain his instincts- there was much less danger in this world, and he had to remember that- enough to listen to what he had to say. "Oh, no worries. I can keep him plenty safe... but you look mighty famished. There'll be plenty of hot, sexy young things there tonight- I'm sure even you can manage to hook up with someone."

"I don't need anyone to keep me safe," Arthur objected, choosing not to respond to the other comment. Of course Demy would be looking for pretty people to feed on; he had to survive somehow. But even though logically Arthur knew this, he couldn't help but feel somehow unhappy. He wasn't entirely sure why. By now he should accept the fact that he was only going to be helped for as long as Demy found him a useful source of energy, and that he couldn't possibly keep the demon's attention all to himself. He'd had his rant, now he had to shut his mouth and deal with the situation.

But it had felt so good being taken care of after an entire life spent in fear, trying to lead a tribe through what seemed like endless hardships. Arthur didn't know how he could let it go, now that he'd had a taste of it.

Demy pulled at Alfred's arm, meaning to head down the path. "Let's go home. Arthur, come now... we still gotta buy you clothes and stuff especially if you're going tonight."

Arthur didn't like the commanding, patronising words that Demy used, but he had no choice but to follow. He smiled up apologetically at Alex. "Sorry, I'm going to have to go now. Thank you for inviting us out."

Alex grinned. "My pleasure." His arm seemed to linger on his shoulders perhaps a moment longer than necessary before he let Arthur politely extract himself from his hold. "Yeah, I've got a couple of things I need to do too, so I'll just meet you later. Don't wanna get lost in the crowd, so how about we meet here at 'round eight-ish then walk to the place?"

"That sounds perfect."

He joined Alfred and Demy as they walked away, keeping quiet. After his little burst of anger, he didn't know where he stood with these two now. Neither had seemed particularly pleased with the situation, and though Alfred seemed to be fairly neutral, Demy was much worse. He couldn't even stand to touch him. Arthur felt that his own reaction was justified, of course, but perhaps it wasn't the most intelligent; he had just lashed out at the only one who could help him, and put himself at a severe disadvantage. The thought left him feeling drained and miserable.

Perhaps if he didn't draw attention to himself, Demy wouldn't cast him out. Not that he had any right to, since he'd been the one in the wrong, but the fact that he could do it if he wanted to unsettled Arthur.

He fought the urge to press closer to them as the crowd got thicker. The forests and hills had been bitterly lonely, but now he would give anything for a bit of space. He could sort himself out if he just had a little bit of open space to sit and think. How did anyone ever manage to feel calm when there was a huge throng of people pressing in from all directions, so loud and unconcerned? He sighed miserably, shoving his hands into his pockets and trying to make himself as small as possible.

He hated New York City.
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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Wanda on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:41 am

Alfred tried to keep his scowling to himself as he watched Alex interaction with Arthur, he had started to think of Demy and Arthur as brothers or friends... and this demon had caused pain to Demy and Arthur. Oh, sure, he was nice and all, but he still caused pain to the other two.

He wondered if killing the demon would get rid of the mark, of course.... it's not like he would be able to kill the demon.


They made it back to Demy's after visiting the last store they need. Alfred had got enough clothing for his time here and a brown bomber jacket with some fur on it, it remind him of his old one that he lost to some ghouls.

Frank smiled at the group as they enter the apartment, it seems like he decided to stay at home... but his smile turn into a frown when he noticed the atmosphere, he asked the group, "What happen?"

Alfred answered him, "Well.... while we were at a toy store, Arthur ran into another demon that marked him so now Demy can't touch him without having his energy drained. I tried to get the mark to be transferred to me, but it didn't work. Oh, he also invite Arthur and us to go with him to a club."

Frank gave a look of 'you gotta be kidding me,' "You...did not just offer to be a cannibal demon's MARK."

The wanderer blinked, he doesn't see what wrong with what he did, "Um... yes."

Frank barked angrily at him, "YOU IDIOT!!! Don't you know what the trouble you will get in for that!? Kill enough freaking demons as a mark and you WILL be hunted down and killed by death demons!"

Alfred blinked in shock and stared at Frank, "Death demons?"

OOC: Frank is not amused at Alfred's attempt at being a hero.

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:34 am

Demy didn’t know how to approach Arthur once they were home. He was careful with his body, making sure not a single part touched the other as he carefully unwrapped the early reader’s books he had bought especially for the Neanderthal, and with some skillful maneuvering, he sat down on a nearby chair, opening the book to the first page. “I know you’re seriously mad at me right now, but I’d just like to explain,” he tried, and was quickly stopped by a crude remark from Arthur—showing all his hurt. He bit his bottom lip, “fine, you don’t want to hear from me right now, fine, but you still have to learn to read, Arthur. So, here. This,” he pointed at the page, gulping loudly when his finger almost touched Arthur’s hand, “the alphabet.”

For the next hour, Demy was careful with his movements, sometimes aching to press his fingers against Arthur’s cheeks to help him enunciate correctly. At others, he simple wanted to pat the other on the back, maybe press a gentle kiss over his forehead in clear sign of appreciation for his efforts. But he couldn’t. And so he remained distant, trying his hardest not to show his discomfort, especially when during a lesson on the letter Z and the difference between the Z and S in the different British and American spellings, Arthur smiled at him and tried to reach for his hand, almost to play with it.

He drew it back, face warm. “Alright, I… I guess we can start getting ready now. We’ll practice some more when we get back…”

With that he walked away, stopping momentarily by Frank and Wanda. He sat down, giving them a stern glance. “Alright, listen, both of you: no mentions of Death Demons, alright? – They’re a strange lot. And easy to conjure. They love coming up here so listen: no mentioning the name. Not right now. I’m too weak to deal with one at the moment.” He stood up, beginning to walk away. “And Wanda,” he offered over his shoulder, “you’re not bait. This isn’t the time to play hero…”


Demy took a long time in the shower, just letting the warm water trickle over the tense muscles of his shoulders, down to his lower back, over his taut stomach muscles. He tried to ease into the hot water, but it was almost impossible. All he could think about was his deep desire to punch Alex in the face—not that he could really blame the guy: he hadn’t asked to be the type of Demon he was, much like Demy hadn’t asked to be an incubus… and to bring Arthur into his timeline.

But he had. And everything had consequences, which pissed off Demy even more.

He walked out of the bathroom with only a towel around his hips, dark hair still letting water drip all over the floor. And as he walked out, Arthur had just opened his door. Their eyes met for a moment, and Demy saw the reading book still in his hand. He gave the Neanderthal an encouraging smile, then turned to walk into his room—pheromones lingering in the air, the taste so fresh and delicious, and he so yearned to just grab the other for a small nibble and... Great. Yeah, sure. Arthur had a point: maybe Demy had had a good reason for pushing him away back at the toy store, but he also did think of Arthur as food most of the time.

He had to stop. Fast.

Stomping over to his closet, he pulled out a pair of dark pants, making sure that they clung to his hips at just the right angle before slipping on a white collar shirt, and over that, a corset-styled vest with a simple v-cut. He stared at himself in a mirror, happy with what he saw. And he shook his head, letting the wet remains of his hair continue to drip down his neck.

There had to be a way to get Alex to take his mark off Arthur.

And then what? – You’d just snack on him forever? That isn’t really your problem here, you know.

“I know but…” he bit his bottom lip, sitting down on his bed. “But Athur’s mine. I conjured him,” he whined softly, quickly turning to the door. So long as no one heard him, it was safe to say so, right? Right. “Maybe a nap will… be good for me…” he sighed, dropping on his bed and looking up at the ceiling, waiting for either Wanda or Arthur to let him know they were ready to head out. “… damn it, stupid cannibal demons… the Neanderthal was mine!”


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Post by Arthur the Hunter on Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:51 am

Arthur set down the bag of clothes that he had acquired, still slightly confused about what exactly had gone on. Different amounts had to be paid in different stores, which was absolutely strange since he couldn't even tell what made one shirt more special than another. They even had the same dyes and stitch quality, so they must have been made by the same person! Goodness knows that his furs used to be the most neatly sewn and repaired in the tribe, and no one could ever match that. The way every single shirt had exactly the same pattern was just unbelievable- perhaps without the danger, people had enough time to concentrate on craftsmanship so that they could make hundreds of the same item.

Belatedly Arthur realised that he was trying to distract himself, and he frowned. Nothing good ever came of that. He sat on one of the chairs, Demy taking the one beside him.

"I know you're seriously mad at me right now, but I'd just like to explain-"

"Why can't you just take responsibility for once in your life?" Arthur snapped before he could stop himself, then instantly regretted it at the look on Demy's face. But Demy was a demon, a liar, who whispered pretty things and never followed through. Arthur knew he couldn't afford to trust him, but he also knew that he had no other option.

"Fine, you don’t want to hear from me right now, fine, but you still have to learn to read, Arthur. So, here. This," Demy pointed at a series of strange symbols. "The alphabet."

"The what?"

Demy forced a grin and explained to him what each of the symbols were, and for the next hour Arthur practiced them. It wasn't difficult work, though why they couldn't just stick with drawing actual objects, he didn't know. Frankly, it was rather baffling. But he was a quick learner, and he decided he quite liked the added complication of stringing together different letters to make words, and he loved the way that the written word laid on the page, stark in appearance but so complex in formation and meaning.

And the variations! Demy explained to him that different places had different ways of spelling things, and Arthur decided he rather liked the "British" way of doing things. The words just seemed so much prettier written on the page, seemed to flow much more beautifully than the "American" versions that Demy preferred. Of course, he still couldn't read a lot of them, but with practice he knew he'd be able to master it quickly. After all, he had learnt the alphabet and plenty of simple words in just an hour.

Arthur absently reached for Demy's hand to push it off the paper, but it was instantly snatched back. He blinked and frowned. So he still couldn't even bear to touch him.

"Alright, I... I guess we can start getting ready now. We'll practice some more when we get back," Demy said, pushing off the chair and walking away before Arthur could say anything.

He sighed. It looked like Demy wasn't going to turn him out of the house any time soon, but he also didn't seem very pleased with him. And why would he? Arthur was being selfish; his life wasn't the only one affected. In fact, it was only due to Demy that he was alive in the first place; it hadn't been Arthur's doing, but neither did Demy bring him back on purpose. While Arthur could fault him for his actions, he couldn't fault him for his feelings.

Picking up his bag of new clothes, he walked over to his room and decided to try not to think about the situation between him and Demy. His most pressing matter at the moment was trying to figure out how to dress himself. He kept his jeans, not wanting to deal with the strange metal teeth that somehow fit together- zipper, he remembered from one of the little books. His shirt, however, had to go.

"Ingenious, these," he murmured to himself, eyeing the buttons on one of the shirts. He had used some before in his own sewing, but usually they were just pieces of bone or wood to fix his satchel flap; never had they been this round, or perfect, or fixed in place. He wriggled himself out of his shirt, taking a dark green one and slipping it over his shoulders. The material here was so soft! He had to wonder what kind of animal they used to make it as he fumbled with the small buttons and rolled the sleeves up to his elbows.

He ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to flatten it but only messing it up further. He frowned and decided to leave it at that, huffing and grabbing the book on the way to Demy's room to ask about where they were going.

Pulling the door open, he caught a glimpse of Demy just coming out of the shower, a towel slung low around his hips and water beading on his skin. He didn't even realise he was staring until Demy smiled at him and turned away.

Damn it, he thought to himself, flushing red and walking straight back out. Demy was sure to have sensed his attraction; would he be disgusted now that he couldn't even snack on him? His thoughts were just going around in circles, and he wished he had something to fight to take his mind off it. A bear would do quite nicely, or even a sabre-tooth. Anything but this.
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That light at the end of the tunnel? That a train coming your way.

Post by Wanda on Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:28 pm

Frank nodded his head at Demy, "That would be very true."

Alfred still didn't get what Frank or Demy was going on about, but since they were worried about these death demons appearing if they kept talking about them, he would ignored his burning curiosity and not asked them about those demons anymore.

He stood up, beginning to walk away. “And Wanda,” he offered over his shoulder, “you’re not bait. This isn’t the time to play hero…”

The wanderer was silent for a bit before sighing and said, "Alright...." Maybe there was another way to get rid of the mark... he had a idea and looked at Frank, "Hey, Frank.... is there another way to get rid of that mark on, Arthur? Like-"

"Killing that demon that marked him? That won't work, the mark stays past the death of the demon. That mark will stay on until Alex decided to take it off," Frank said with a sad smile.

".....That freaking sucks," Alfred scowled darkly as he gripped his fists together, he was hoping there was a way and wait..., "Couldn't we just beat the crap out Alex and forced him to get rid of the mark?"

"...He's a demon, he could easily decided to keep the mark on to spite you." Although, perhaps Demy could do something when he was stronger.

Alfred resisted the urge to punched a wall in rage and growled.


The wanderer set up the game consoles he got to take his mind off of the terrible situation, he decided to try the game Fallout: New Vegas, maybe he was wrong at his first thought and this game wasn't like his home timeline! .....It only took a few minutes playing before his denial got ripped apart, this game was LIKE his home timeline, Alfred was getting creep out and was about to have a breakdown"...Dammmmn, this is very freaking creepy."

The alien pug resisted pointing out that what was happening right now was either a game or a role-play on a forum in some other timeline, he didn't wanted to force the man into a breakdown. Instead he said to Alfred, "Alfred... I need to go to a park near here to visit one of my alien buddies, how about you give that game a break and come with me?"

"Sure! ...I should probably tell Demy before I go," Alfred gave a grin, he would love to get away from the game for awhile, he walked over to Demy's door and knocked on it, he shouted through the door, "Demy! I'm going with Frank to a park nearby! He wants to visit one of his alien buddies! We will be back soon!"


"So, where is your friend, Frank?" Alfred looked around the park as they were in a less crowded part of the park, "Actually, what does your friend look like?"

"He is somewhere around here," Frank said as he started to sniffed the air and scanned the area, he turned his head toward a direction after hearing someone called his name and broke into a doggy grin, the alien pug walked toward the man.

The first thing Alfred noticed was that the man had a feeling of unworldliness to him, second thing was the man had dark hair and dark eyes wearing gray jeans and a black shirt on. Alfred almost took a step back as the man looked him right in the eyes-did that man's eyes just glow!?-, the man spoke up, "...Frank, who the fuck is this?"

"Tony meet Alfred, Alfred meet Tony." Frank was struck by a feeling that a trainwreck was coming, oh no... he wasn't really- oh hell, he will need to talked with Tony about this. Just Frank wasn't sure Tony would even listen to him, oh by the stars of Grotah... Or...or maybe he was wrong?

Alfred flashed Tony a grin, "Nice to meet ya, Tony."

Tony began to smirk at Alfred, "I'm starting to like you, Alfred."

....This was the first time Frank wished he was wrong and not horribly right.

(So! I was tempt to give Tony a suit, but just went the jeans and shirt... XD

*sets the fourth wall on fire* BURN SUCKA, BURN.

also, a Alfred's smile can be a very deadly weapon.

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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:54 pm

((Alright peeps, get ready to meet Demy’s family… because we sort of need Alfred to go to the club….))

Demy was about to get out of bed to stop Alfred, but by then the young man had managed to leave the apartment with Frank in tow, which wasn’t particularly helpful as it was almost time to leave to meet up with Alex. He wandered out into the hallway, slamming the door of his bedroom open and dialing Alfred’s new cellphone as he went, only to hear the familiar sound of the phone coming from on top of the television: of course Al would’ve forgotten his phone. Demies cursed under his breathe, propping down on the sofa to hide his face between his palms—and then the television turned on.

“Demy, son—” a taut northern accent, crisp and lenient made Demy blink: why was he hearing his father’s voice?

“Demon America!” a shrill and thick southern accent pierced through his sudden tranquility, “This is your Mother speaking to you, you ungrateful little yank. Now, young man, you best get your untarred little wings and curly tail back down to the Manor, ya hear? And you best bring—”

The teenage Demon looked up, panicked, wings, tail and horns popping over his features almost instantly. He grabbed for his tail, smoothing it over. Okay, so maybe as a babe he’d had a bit of a curly tail, sort of like a cute monkey—he was older now, and his tail was most definitely straight and perfect. But he smoothed it over, just in case. And what was this about untarred wings? His wings were big. And tarred. Demy made sure to take good care of himself, but just because his Mother always somehow managed to make him question his own self-esteem, he turned to peek at his wings: black as night.

“M—Mother…” he pouted, whining softly as his eyes fell on the bright azure eyes of his mother, her dark hair held back in perfectly thick ringlets kept in an immaculate bun. He wriggled his nose, not quite fond of the ridiculous shade of red she always wore. “Listen, I can—”

“Well, at least he’s not donning that ridiculous head of blonde hair—”

“Desdemona, there is nothing wrong with the lad’s preference for lighter toned hair… Need I remind you I’m a ginger myself—”

“But Charles, red is one thing. Blonde another, sugah~ ‘sides, our baby boy was born with black hair; why can’t he just accept his natural beauty? He got it from me, after all!”

He’d sort of expected that his parents had disowned him after he’d gone off chasing after that Britannia Angel’s toga skirts, which is why it was particularly surprising to see both his parents shoving each other for control of his television screen. Well, he might as well try explaining already: “Mama, listen, I know what this is about and I know neither of you approve about what I done gone and did—”

He cringed. He hated the Southern talk, but if it was what it took to sweeten his Mother…

“Approve? DemDems, of course we don’t approve,” his Mother huffed. And then, she smiled. And it was frightening. And beautiful, as would be any Succubus’ smile, but mostly, for Demy, it was frightening, “But I confess I sure am relieved, sugar bunny, that those horrible rumors about you trying to hook up with an Angel are totally false, but I’m still very mad at you for not coming hope right away to tell me you are in a relationship with a human and a something—”

“A Neanderthal dear.”

“Charles, it’s not human, it’s not Demon, it’s not Angel: it’s a something.”

“A pretty something?” Demy tried to reason with his Mother, already biting his bottom lip from nerves. “I—I mean, his name’s Arthur, Mother, and he’s not a something. He’s a person.”—There, that was a good safe, right?

“And not a Demon,” she added, lips taut again, “but I suppose you’re an adult now, Demy Dems, and we can’t stop you from collecting humans, though I do wish you were a bit more normal and collected mutant ants or something like Nancy Davies boy…”

“There, there, Desdemona,” Charles kisses his wife’s temple. “At least the lad is forming a harem and not thinking crazy ideas like monogamy…”

She dabbed at her eyes with a lace hankie, “Well, Demykins? Do I get to see your… thing?”

“Neanderthal, Desde… it’s more politically correct.”

“We’re Demons, Charles. Gah. Stop being so stupidly British. You are NOT a monarchist… I refuse to be married to a monarchist, you hear me—”

Demy snorted into his hand, trying to keep from laughing. Wait, so rumors down under had gone from the truth about his attempts at bagging an Angel to… to totally false attempts at making him look like some human-harem-collecting-uh… something? “Mom, Mama, just… just stop, it’s not like that. Arthur is not my Neanderthal, thing, whatever. He’s a person. And Al—”

“Is that the name of—”

“Desde, let Demy finish.”

“Al is a friend. And Arthur is also a friend. Both are staying here for now, but there is nothing going on there, really. And I’m real sorry about the Angel business. It’ll never happen again, seriously.”

“I see.”


“Well, then, Demykins, this makes things so much easier. I’ll let the maids know to stop setting up those two extra rooms and you can come home right away. You look emaciated, DemDems. Have you been eating, suga’ bunns? Really, Charles, just look at him…”

“I’ve been eating fine, Mama.”

“We’ll get some good ol’ energy back into ya once you get back home.”

Demy paused, looking up only to find Arthur peeking at him from the corner of the living room, pressing half his cheek against the wall. How long had the Neanderthal been standing there? He looked away, almost apologetic that Arthur had to hear his Mother call him a ‘thing.’ He cleared his throat, looking down at his hands. “I’m not going home, Mama.”

“Sure you are, DemDems.”

“No, Mama, I’m not. Arthur and Al need my help, and I am not going home.”


Charles, high-ranking Death Demon, stared down at his son. “I’ll call you tomorrow when your Mother isn’t around and we’ll talk, Dems. But until we settle things, I’m afraid that I can’t completely ignore your Mother’s concerns… and we’re going to have to cut you off, son.”

“Cut—cutting me off?”

“I’m temporarily stripping away your title as Patron Demon of the United States of America, Dems. I’m sorry, son, but your Mother is right. You should come back home now.”

“Dad, you can’t—I—I… the only thing keeping me partially alive is the fact that being Patron Demon of this place at least gives me a mild injection of energy every twenty-four hours, like… you don’t understand, I need to be strong to protect—”

"Son, you're a trained Incubus. A powerful one at that. I'm sure if you're really so resolved to stay on Earth, you can find ways to feed."

“Demy's too fail for that," Desdemona countered, pouting. "Come home, Demykins! Come home and we’ll restore everything back to normal. Mama will find you a nice and pretty Succubus to take away the shame of chasing after the Angel. If you want, Mama'll even conjure you another thing...”

“Mama, stop it! Arthur ain't no thing and I already told you to stop calling him that. I can’t go home right now…”

"Well then," Desdemona huffed, "we'll pick you up when you're sapped dry of energy, then. Night DemDems."

And then the television turned off.

Great. Now, he had no energy revenue at all. He'd have to feed, one way or another -- meals, not snacks. At the rate he was going, if his parents really wanted to be vindictive, they'd probably set a net to nip at his energy supplies, meaning he'd probably never amass enough energy to fight off Alex... unless he came up with a different plan: a way through which to amass a lot of energy fast. Maybe he'd build a coalition, maybe...

Demy cursed under his breathe, soon turning his attention back to Arthur, who’d so quietly managed to try and hide himself behind the wall near the entrance leading to the living room. Before he could help it, he snapped. “What do you want?”


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Re: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

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