Condemnant Quod non Intellegunt

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Condemnant Quod non Intellegunt

Post by Wanda on Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:34 pm

WARNING: Belarus. More warnings to come later.

The city of Caelestis was deep underground, it was said it was a wonderful, peaceful city in which there was no annoying government telling you what you could do, it was freedom.

It was heaven on earth.

...It was a lie, there was no government that was sure, but there was no laws, nothing to stop the crimes that were happening. It wasn't heaven, no... to fit where it was at, it was hell. Only the strong in body and/or will could survived.

The twins Alfred and Matthiew never knew the honey words that were said about this city for they were born in the city to two kind and nice parents, who sadly died to a crazy man while the twins were ten year old. They were put into a orphanage until they were too old and was kick out into the streets. The friends that they(Well, Al. Matt was usually forgotten or mistake for his brother.) gained there was the beginning of the network of informants.

Around the time Alfred was eighteen, the loud twin decided to be the city's hero and tried to fix it. Matt sighed to himself and knew it will hard if impossible to change his brother's mind and said, "...I can't stop you, so I will help you and make sure you don't die, brother."

While Al was off being a hero, Matt was in the background listening to what the network of informants had to say and making sure his brother lived. And being a worrywart.

Maybe they can changed the city, it's worth a shot.

(Hey, QB! If this isn't enough to help you, I will work on it tomorrow, I really should go to bed. XD

Why yes we decided to use a Latin title. (and name the city a Latin word. XD)

condemnant quod non intellegunt means They condemn what they do not understand or They condemn because they do not understand

Annnd Caelestis means Heavenly. :D)

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Re: Condemnant Quod non Intellegunt

Post by StarQBAlfredJones on Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:48 pm

It had been eight long years since Alfred and his brother Matthew had lost their parents. Eight long, hard years of trying desperately to survive despite the odds, despite everyone telling them that there was no way a couple of kids could make it.

Alfred wanted to better the city, to try to make it what it was supposed to be, but he was only one man. Then again, he was hardly even a man. He was only eighteen but life on the streets had toughened him. All he wanted was to make life better for those who lived in Caelestis.

It was his home and no matter how much he knew that he and Matthew would be better off escaping the city, he just couldn't bring himself to abandon it. Alfred's parents had believed in this city and he wanted to make it something they could be proud of.

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