The Foxy Story;;; By Mama Dem. (A.K.A Demon America) -Commentary Free vers. -

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The Foxy Story;;; By Mama Dem. (A.K.A Demon America) -Commentary Free vers. -

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:59 pm


See this Story was done ages ago, before we lost and gained members and blahblahblah and so on and so forth. And I decided, whelp. I needed a reminder of the awesomeness, Because like Mama says, Foxy really likes this story.

LIKE the thread title says, this will be the commentary free version. Because we all know it's forever and a half long with all the awesome commentary and all the shiznit going on on the side. The other thread will have commentary (that is, if i do it) and we can have reminder of all the ridiculious and funny times 'stowrie time' Was.

So, if you give me a few moments to throw it together, (or what I have saved on my computer together) We can go on a journey.. With Chibi's and AUs.

P.S// Mama, If you want when you finish it, whenever that will be, You can just upload it to this thread or something <3

The Foxy Story © Demon America


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I lied. this will have commentary but only when it's needed. not the entire Cbox chatting commentary;; Also known as Episode 1

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:40 pm

Once upon a time, there was a cute chibi foxy and a handsome little wolfie and a magical little preffy...

The three friends wandered without permission into the secret library of a certain usually grumpy Lord Arthur Kirkland. Along the way, they were enchanted by the treats they found hidden in the library - expensive chocolates, jewels, and ancient books.
Just as they were growing particularly comfortable - raiding the chocolate stash, playing dress up with the jewels and left-over hat and boots, and briefly eyeing the books - they heard the booming voice of Lord Kirkland preparing to enter into the library. Afraid of being grounded by his Papa, Foxy tried to find a hiding place...
Wolfie was brilliant~! He looked around, sniffing everywhere until he found a certain book shelf that didn't seem to really be a bookshelf. And in his genius, he found that it was actually a secret door leading to a dark passage!So the three chibi babies walked right into the passage! And then it closed. They were stuck in absolute darkness, listening as Lord Kirkland blamed his poor Demon wife over the bad state of his library....So the three chibis were stuck in darkness~!

story interrupted by Mama's comment about the cuteness of Foxy's chibi paws

Right! So chibis were stuck in total darkness! But then! A spark of light appeared, though it was quite dim and far. The Chibis huddled close together, trying to protect each other....the closer the light came, the more the chibis shivered.... eventually, though, they were able to see the carrier of the light and it was...Yes, a panda dressed in very cute steampunk attire made up of a faded brown leather vest with bronze buttons and a peculiar looking stopwatch hanging from one of his paws.On his head, he had a pair of goggles. And it was with great care that he walked close.

More interruptions, this time made by Papa's appearance in the chatbox..

Yes, yes. Well, this Panda was actually the captain of a flying ship~!And he had a crew of infamous sky pirates!So the Panda was actually not the Captain, but the retired Captain of the HMS Harlot, which was now operated by Captain Chastity Lovelace.the crew of the HMS Harlot were an interesting set.
There was Mr. Spot - the Panda - a very interesting orange tabby cat named Gears, who belonged to the ship's surgeon - the kidnapped wife of an Earl by the name of Marjorie Kipps, affectionately called Skipper.Now, Captain Chastity Lovelace was also an interesting one! An amazing sword-fighter, she could navigate the skies like a pro!She also had an affinity for all things cute and a serious talent for the needle and thread.

Alright. There were two other people in the crew - Alec Darwin, an extraordinary gentleman with a great talent for metal wielding and a love for steam and formality.His top hat was particularly striking, and he was perhaps the best shot in the skies.And then there was Erik! .... And no one really knew what Erik did other than look awesome. And he had cool goggles and could cook. ^^

The three chibis were brought into the ship~! And they soon found out that the ship was set to travel to the Land of Spades!
But before they could travel to a different dimension, they had to return to their own time - Victorian England. (This is a steampunk novel, dears. Do not question it.) They needed to return immediately as they needed to warn the Queen of a plot being held against all of England! Turns out that they had to warn the Queen of a zombie attack.

Alas, just as the ship made it to London... it crashed against Big Ben. So it was that when the crew tried to explain to the officers why they were there, they were threatened with jail time!

more commentary made, mostly about Chibi Foxy deciding they should used the sexy captain as trade to ensure the others freedom...

Nope~! They started running! Captain Chastity grabbed Preffy and Wolfie while Lady Kipps grabbed baby Foxy and they ran!They hid for a while to regroup. They had other friends in the area, but they were uncertain if they'd be able to reach them on time. Without a ship, they had to be intelligent and formulate a plan.: But just as Lady Kipps and Chastity had come up with a relatively safe route to the Kipps Mansion, a zombie jumped out from the shadows.

Foxy was so afraid he yelled out for his Papa! But his Papa was in another dimension and couldn't hear this time period, Foxy was not yet Lord Kirkland's son. And Lord Kirkland was not a privateer.Everyone was running, more zombies joining in the chase! The streets were dim lit, not a soul out so late, and the fog was growing thicker, making it difficult to see. Chastity was near the front with the two chibis, beginning to hand them off over to Alec, who was a faster runner than all because of his height and long legs. Gears ran behind poor Lady Kipps, who, because of Chastity's love for all things cute, had been stuffed into a particularly lovely petticoat...

more commentary ^^;;

So~! Gears took a wrong turn and ended up being separated from the group! Mr. Panda, whose hefty stature and weight made him a slow runner, was captured first by the zombies and fell with a thud on the concrete behind Lady Kipps.Foxy held on for dear life. Aware that Gears was missing, she handed Foxy off the Erik, making a quick decision to turn back...

So it was that Lady Kipps - surgeon by trade - took out the few knives she carried with her and managed to take two zombies down. From the distance, Chastity continued to lead her crew down the street.... in the distance, a certain blonde gentleman with thick brows was wandering the night alone.Afraid for Kipps, Alec handed off the chibis, running behind to help his crewmate."Is he a zombie?" Wolfie asked, looking over at the gentleman smoking in the fog of night. Chastity shook her head, "No, I don't think so. He looks like a noble..."
"Oi, sir! Can you help us?" yelled Erik. And immediately Foxy recognized his Papa and went off running! "Papa, Papa~!" the baby yelled, "Mommy~! Papa~! Save me from the Zombwies!"

Lord Arthur Kirkland, a rich nobleman and bachelor, did not have any children. He was also not a married man. He lived alone in an expensive mansion where he was known to hold many parties and invite many famous people to his infamous Tea Debates. The cute little chibi that jumped into his arms did not look familiar. But he was curious. And just as the crew had reached him, a zombie jumped out from the shadows, jumping Captain Chastity...

Lord Kirkland, who had both great aim and shot, managed to bring out his gun in one quick swop, shooting at the zombie with enough zeal to momentarily stun him. But by then it was too late for Chastity...

Foxy eyed his Papa with pride...

"Hey! Hey!" Alec's voice alerted them to the return of Alec and Lady Kipps, both of whom were carrying a comatose Mr. Panda. "Are you all alright?" Lady Kipps asked, her dress torn to her knees, blood stained all over her... Alec looked equally worse, a large scar now lining his cheek. "Quick," Lord Kirkland muttered, throwing the cigarette on the ground and quickly grounding it with his foot. He kicked the zombie aside, "someone grab her. We must get to safety. Soon."

"And you," he looked down at the Foxy in his arms. "I'm not your Papa."

Little Preffy stared in awe at the return of Lady Kipps and watched with teary eyes the sleeping countenance of Mr. Panda.
"Is he alwight?" he asked, his tiny robes dragging on the ground.
Alec shook his head, " 'fraid not. But we'll figure something out. I don't think he'd attack us..."

"Wrong!" Lord Kirkland interrupted, ".. he'll wake up soon, and he will be hungry. And he will attack what first he sees. But I've a solution. Come now. Into my carriage..." and so they walked a long block down, the chibis trying to Little Preffy stared in awe at the return of Lady Kipps and watched with teary eyes the sleeping countenance of Mr. Panda.

Baby Foxy was crying the whole way. He wanted his Papa - his real Papa, and his Mommy. Now Chastity, the one person that had made him feel safe, was likely dead. And he wasn't particularly fond of the bloody looking Kipps.They soon reached the Mansion, though. They were surprised to find that by the door was a strange looking woman.... she had fairy wings on her back, but they were mechanical, built out of rusty gears and tubes that had lights flashing with rapid blinks. In her hand, she held a wand. "I've... other guests," Lord Kirkland muttered, helping everyone walk inside. "Some madmen saying they're the King and Queen of some strange country of Spades have come.: I found them in similar conditions to you all. Zombies. Just last night," he began to light another cigarette, throwing off his coat. "Come in. I've some rum if you want it."

The King and Queen of Spades were exactly who Captain Chastity had originally been set on seeing. They had hoped to discuss a way for the Kingdom of Spades to proactively make peace with Victorian England through the HMS Harlot. Alas, when Captain Chastity had sent word to the Land of Spades that she'd be unable to steer in their direction for a while still, the King of Spades and his Queen had opted for a diplomatic visit.They, too, hoped that by warning the Queen, they'd be able to gain some trust... alas, they didn't understand the Parliamentary system, limited powers, or the basic layout of the city and had become lost.The Queen graciously told his story while sipping tea."How did the babies find Mr. Panda, though?" the King of Spades asked, playing on the floor with the little ones. He eyed baby Preffy with surprise. It looked just like his son.

"We hwid from Lord Kirkie, Papwa~!" baby Preffy explained. The King's eyes widened. It was his son!

Lady Kipps, who had remained tight lipped and quiet stepped forward. "T--that explains it. I had told Mr. Panda to go in search of Lord Kirkland. I had not expected Mr. Panda to find him in a different dimensnion.""Why did you need to find me?" Lord Kirkland seemed particularly confused, furrowing his brow. "I know who you are Lady Kipps, but you and I are not friends and never have been." : "Hey now, let's not fight, huh? - We're obviously all trying to help this place, right?" the King of Spades interrupted, nuzzling his son and trying to play hero all at once. Queenie petted his son. "Quite right. And now that our son is here, we've interests at stake."Preffy hugged his parents, feeling protected.

"I just want to know why she was looking for me..." Lord Kirkland asked. "And what other me? What other dimension?"Alec and Erik continued to tend to Chastity and Mr. Panda. The fairy tended to them as well, waving her mechanical wand over them. "They will be fine. When they wake, they'll be vegetables for a while. It'll take a long time for their selves to return, but at least they won't be zombies..."

"Lord Kirkland," Kipps cleared her throat, "I--In another dimension, you are married to a Demon, and the little Foxy there is your son. But before your wife was a Demon, he had a previous life. And I'm afraid that Captain Chastity has - as was expected - been caught by the zombies... we had hoped it would be after we'd told the Queen of impending doom, but now we're in a tough position. We must ask you to please kill your wife."Erik huffed, "t--this isn't the first time we've started this mission. Last time we failed as well. The previous time, too. Each time she gets caught faster. All we know is if we let her live, she'll be kidnapped and be forced to come after us. Such was her wish. We know it must be tough on you to have to kill someone, but she is no one to you in this dimension, and she will surely be born again... it's not a great sacrifice to ask for your country, is it?"

Lady Kipps looked down at the ground, "We've lost Gears. He's the one that's been helping us travel through time. Without him, we won't be able to return if we fail. Y--You must do it..."

"So, Lord Kirkland, will you kill Captain Chastity?" Alec contimued, "we were hoping to find you before to warn you... so you wouldn't find us.... at least this time you both didn't meet."

"Wait~!" the King of Spades interrupted. "But you said other times she was a zombie, right?" The crew members nodded, "right!" The Queen of Spades smiled, "well, the fairy said she won't be a zombie, right? She'll be dumb as a doorbell, but not a zombie so why must she still die?" Alas, Lord Kirkland was already bringing out his gun. "It doesn't matter much to me. If it will save the Kingdom..."
Wolfie was howling in the background, hiding behind the King and Queen. The fairy looked down at the Captain. "She was attacked quite badly, I don't know if I can save her...." Lord Kirkland hid his gun again. "If it comes down to worst, I'll do it. But not yet."

Foxy let out a relieved sigh, eyeing the Captain. He turned to Lord Kirkland, and cried, "I want to go hwome!" They spent the rest of the night in silence, looking at both Mr. Panda and Captain Chastity. And Lord Kirkland was surprised to know that in another dimension, he was married to a man, and a privateer. The lasting question of the evening was - if Captain Chastity would be reborn as Demon, what had she done in this life that was so terrible? Lord Kirkland and the King of Spades did their research. The Queen, though, was the brilliant one enough to find out the truth.

"She's essentially a heartless bitch," the Queen explained, sipping his tea calmly. The ever beautiful Queen of Spades was always poised, always smart, and sometimes blunt. Heartless bitch was an understatement. Foxy didn't like such things being said about his mother. Lord Kirkland was equally horrified to find that Captain Chastity had taken over the ship from Mr. Panda, forcefully pushing him to step down! He wasn't sure if he could trust her. But when she woke up, she was as much a vegetable as the fairy had warned.
"She's kinda scary...." the King remarked. "Queenie, keep away from her..."

And so it was that they left Mr. Panda and Captain Chastity unsupervised. Lord Kirkland was troubled about letting anyone stay in his house like that, but it had to be done. Morning was relatively safe. They'd figure out a way to get to the Queen.The group of chibis were supervised by Queenie. The King of Spades was too busy trying to become the leader of the operation, nevermind that Lord Kirkland and Alec seemed best equipped to lead them all.There was something off about Lady Kipps. And this just kept rubbing Wolfie the wrong way. For her 'supposed' identity as a pacifist, she had been quick to turn around and kick some zombie butt. Wolfie was a smart one. He could read people and smell lies a mile away. But he wasn't sure what was off about the whole thing. Captain Chastity had seemed too unwilling to fight. But maybe it was because she had been more concerned for the safety of the little ones.

"So, I think we'll make it!" Erik cheered as they neared the palace inside Lord Kirkland's carriage."Don't be so optimistic," Alec warned, "the guards probably have our faces by now..."

"Yes, but you're with me," Lord Kirkland reminded them, peering out through curtains as they neared the gates. The cabbie came to a full stop. "You're insufferable. You actually think that the guards will let you in?" Lady Kipps huffed, "Here's the plan. Lord Kirkland, Queen and King of Spades will step out and meet with the Queen. The rest of us will try to get in some other way."

"Oi, who do you think you are? - I'm in charge here. I'm the one that's been killing the zombies longer!" Lord Kirkland growled, beginning to bring out another cigarette in his anxious fury. "Hey! I warned you all about fighting. Seriously, let's get it together or we're all going to be thrown out!" The Queen touched her husband's arm, agreeing with his last statement. Lady Kipps pursed her lips. "Tell your driver to turn back."

"Are you mad? - Insensible woman from hell. We're here! I'm not ordering him to turn back over your whimsies. What, you want a proper dress?" Alec and Erik stared at their hands uncomfortably. And that was when she pulled out one of the surgery knives she had been carrying with her. The Queen of Spades furrowed her brows, taking quick note that - according to the many books he had read - she was holding the knife wrong. Not at all the way a surgeon would. "Wait..." the Queen tried to interrupt, but by then Alec and Erik had grabbed each of Lord Kirkland's arms."I'm Captain Chastity Lovelace, aresehole," she spat, "and I'm now leading this operation."Wolfie blinked, "I knwew wit all along! The other Captain never even touched her swor!" Queenie looked at her husband, stopping him from lurching for the girl. "Wait," the Queen cleared her throat, bringing the children closer to them. "If she really is who she says she is, then it is in our best interest to listen."

Lord Kirkland might have not been able to use his arms, but he could certainly move his legs. And so it was that he kicked the real Captain Chastity right in the stomach, making her fall back right onto the King, who held her back immediately. The Queen of Spades grabbed the surgery knife from her hand, holding it up to her neck. "Alright, my dear, talk."

In another dimension, Lord Kirkland - privateer - and his wife ... a fail Demon... were fretting over their missing child and his friends. Finally after hours of searching, they had found that the secret passageway had been tampered with. And after having to explain to a nagging wife WHY he had a secret passageway in the first place, Lord Kirkland - privateer - decided that their best bet was to follow the passageway to wherever it would take them.

It was then that the cat showed up.

"Ooh, look, love!" Demon beamed, "A cat!"

"Luv, we're not following some diseased cat," Lord Kirkland frowned, grumpily pulling at his wife. "Come. I know the way."

"B--But Kirkie, I think it wants us to follow him!"

Gears, the cat, nodded amicably, throwing in front of them a map. Lord Kirkland grabbed it, opening it. "A map... of London?"

"I think he's telling us that this is where Foxy is..."

"Luv, we are in London," Kirk huffed, rolling his eyes. Sometimes his wife was surely dense. "Wait...." he paused, "I... I don't recognize some of this..."

Demon blinked. "Oh dear. I think I do."


And that my fellow friends, was All Mama gave us the first night -stares at mum- Now You will have to suffer like i did :D I bid you farewell... for now...



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