Queenie's school! Made just for Kingy!

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Queenie's school! Made just for Kingy!

Post by Queen of Spades on Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:41 am

This thread is all about Queenie's school! It's a glorious institution in the midwest. Enjoy~

University Seal

This is the Hall where Queenie has most of her classes:

Budig Hall

It used to be called Hoch Auditoria where our (5 time championship winning) basketball team would play, but fire gutted the insides. Then a man named Budig payed to have it restored and turned into a lecture hall. The halls are huge, some day I will take a picture of the insides to show you.

Queenie has one class in here but it always looks like a Princess house!

Snow Hall

There are two of these on either side of the entrance.

This is the Administration building, plus a few classrooms. It's probably the longest/biggest building on campus.

Strong Hall

There's one of these on either side. It makes me think of fists.

This is Wescoe Hall! The building itself is stupidly shaped and laid out so it's impossible to get the whole thing. But this is part of "Wescoe Beach" where people draw things and advertise clubs.

Wescoe Beach


Pretty flowers on the side.

An example of Wescoe drawings.

Fraser Hall is the tallest building on the campus so they put and American and KU flag at the top. Queenie once made the smart decision to use the stairs to get to the top for a meeting x-x



This is the whistle that blows at the end of each class! It's so loud I sometimes hear it in my room. But it never penetrates the walls of Budig ;;

It sits on top of a power plant.

Watson Library! We actually have two libraries, of which Anschutz is the better one for research, but that one is behind Budig and Queenie was tired. ;;

The front, obscured by trees.

The side!

The Natural History Meuseum! They have General Custer's horse taxidermied in here. . .it's really creepy >__>

View from across the street.

Pretty, ornate door!

There are also these Gargoyles all around the sides of them that are pretty cool. They have shields with out school chant on them.

Rock Chalk

Both Rock Chalk


Both Jayhawk


Both KU

The Student Union! It's a newer building (1993) but it's still nice. There's a bowling alley in the bottom floor.

Front Entrance

Big Jay

This may look like a simple road but I've actually tilted the camera. That is an incredibly steep hill, the reason the hill our campus is on is called Mt. Oread!

Wry so hilly ;;

The Oread Hotel! It was built in the past few years to accommodate all the people who come down during basketball/graduation season.

The Oread

This is just a fountain that I think looks nice.

In the back is the Alumni office.

The Campanile! It rings every 15 minutes, on the hour. It's at the top of Campanile hill, people do sledding down it in the winter.

View from Jayhawk Blvd.

Down the hill we go, walking all the way to the Campanile over there.

Campanile Hill is really pretty

Sledding actually happens here.

Campanile up close!

The thing that's so important about the Campanile is one of KU's best traditions. When students graduate from KU they gather in the Campanile and filter through the doors to walk down the hill and into Memorial Stadium. There's even a campus myth that if you don't leave the Campanile through the same door you entered (there are two doors), then you wont graduate on time. That's why I didn't take any pictures of the insides.

So when I graduate I will walk through these doors and walk down this hill to get my diploma. I've known students who have paid to go here for one more semester just so they can complete this tradition.


The Chi Omega's are a pretty rich sorority on the edge of campus. They paid to have a fountain built in front of their house and it's tradition to get thrown in it on your birthday. Thankfully, Queenies birthday is in June and she will not be on campus.

Chi O Fountain

Part of their house. It's very pretty.

Lastly, since Lawrence is such an historical district we still have our very old brick streets and sidewalks! Most of these sidewalks are at least 100 years old.

They're all stamped like this.
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